Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Sweetie Turns 3

All these sugary birthdays enhance my sweet tooth! These are my kind of birthday parties! Addie has a special connection with the Sugar Shack in Destin, FL. After experiencing first hand this incredible little shop, I have to agree and it made for the perfect theme for her 3rd birthday.

 Because I was running from one thing to the other, we totally missed the delicious ice cream sundae party, but Shelby had a cone waiting just for Liam. She turned her gorgeous home into something straight out of Willy Wonka. The playhouse was lined with baskets of candy and cupcakes and chocolate and wrapped candy delights were scattered all around the tables.
When it was time to open gifts, Addie took after my own heart... she unwrapped a doll from Claire with a bag filled with real diapers and wipes and all the works. I was totally a baby doll kind of girl. No barbies for me. She probably should have opened the favored gift last, but the pure joy on her face I know made Claire completely excited about her gift!
Then it was time for the big reveal!
 A pink and purple motorized jeep came strolling through the house and out they went through the front door.
Wyatt did a little driving of his own...
And Liam took a turn in older brother Brayden's blue version!
It was a showdown of blue versus pink! I wonder what color #3 will be driving?
We had such a fun afternoon. Happy Birthday sweet Addie!!!

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment. Okay- your blog is adorable and this party is like my dream. OMG the sweets look amazing!!!!