Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This year, my birthday fell on a very special day. I truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I have the most incredible husband who happens to have blessed me with the greatest gift of all, amazing family, and wonderful friends. This birthday is at the top of the charts for sure...
 I started off the morning waking up to a very handsome blond little boy and husband I might add... I love that my husband is a banker and therefore off on Veteran's Day, which just so happens to also be my birthday. I will take that over the mail! I remember my dad always being home for my birthday when I was little. Very cool. Around 9am Ashley arrived with Einstein's bagels, one of my very favorites and I prepared the "fanny pack" (hey, don't judge) because the girls were arriving and we were headed to the Nutcracker Market! Bill arranged for us to arrive in style of course!
 The limo was stocked with goodies and we took mimosas and breakfast on the rode! This is the way to shop ladies! Laughing and catching up with your best girlfriends while the driver fights the traffic. Then, entrance drop-off and pick-up... it was awesome! I had the absolute best time fighting the crowds with these girls. We even met up with Carin while we were there.
Since MDO pickup was at 2:30, we loaded the limo with bags and headed back to the house. A few of the girls took me out to a late lunch at Hungrys. day.
 The birthday action continued through the next day when my parents arrived in Houston! Liam helped Pappa get ready...
And then we headed to City Center to enjoy a great meal and music on the green.
It made me so happy to be with my family on my birthday. That they made the trip just for me.
On the final day of the birthday weekend extravaganza (there were 3 11s, so why not 3 days of celebration, right?), we celebrated with the birthday dinner bunch at Flemmings.
The food was some of the best I had eaten and the girl's surprised me with a pair of Tory Burch sunglasses. Do I have some of the best friends or what?
Thanks to everyone for helping to make my birthday so special. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.


  1. That Bill...he's a sweet one! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to my BEAUTIFUL wife!

  3. Looks like event planning is rubbing off on our Bill. Way to go son! And sweet KRob, you totally deserve it. So happy you had an amazing 11-11-11 Birthday!!