Thursday, December 22, 2011

Supper Club

I always wanted to be a part of a Supper Club... I remember thinking my parents were a part of some really cool group and when I was a "grown-up" I wanted to gain this elite status. I have officially become a grown-up! And I could not be more excited about being a part of such an incredible group of couples. Our very own supper club. I absolutely LOVE this group! We had our first dinner forever ago... that is just how far behind on blogging I am, but it was a blast. We had a babysitter that took over the kids so that the adults could engage in grown-up conversation. It was the perfect setup and I cannot wait until our next dinner. I was enjoying myself so much that I completely forgot to take pictures... yes, you heard me correctly. I got one of Sayler and Greg and an end-of-the-night shot of Meredith and Liam on the motorcycle - none of which capture the evening. I promise to do better next time. Robbin's, Mraz's, Clarke's, Conner's, Riley's and Kerr's.... thanks for being such fabulous friends and we look forward to many more amazing evenings with you!

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  1. Kate, Supper Club can be a great thing. We miss your Mom and Dad. We've always had such a great time at Les Bon Temps. 22 years.
    Just remember it should be about the fellowship. Don't get caught up in impressing each other. Hope you have a wonderful time!!