Monday, December 5, 2011

Hadley is Two!

Stay with me here... I managed to clear every single photo from my camera cards this weekend and so these posts are going to go fast and furious! I am usually known for getting my photographs out to friends fairly quickly and I have completely fallin down on the job the last few months... I am back! And just in time for the holidays!

I cannot believe that Hadley turned two. Partly because it seems like only yesterday that we were meeting Liam's cousin for the first time in the hospital and partly because it means that Liam's second birthday is quickly approaching. I think that it is awesome that they are so close in age.
We were unable to attend the birthday party at Gymboree which I am certain was loads of fun, but we were able to make the family birthday celebration. The house was filled with family and it was so good to see everyone and to celebrate such a special birthday. Hadley is such a gorgeous little girl and absolutely the sweetest. Dad had a brand new camera, so I only took a few... but Hadley sparkled on her big day. She gave lots of hugs and sat down to read some of her books to her older cousin which was completely adorable. And those little curls are to die for... I loved watching her go shopping and do her hair with the girl cousins... how fun are girls? Liam had to throw in a little boy and presented her with a pink, remote control car for her birthday...hey, it was pink!
Happy Birthday to a very special little girl... We love you to pieces!!!

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