Monday, December 26, 2011

Amegy Housewives

We were called the Housewives of Amegy at the holiday party this year. Funny thing is, if you are an Amegy wife, chances are you are a working wife of Amegy... hahaha!
We actually attended our Sunday School Christmas party right before heading out to the Amegy cocktail party. We love our church and our Sunday school class is amazing. Not going to lie, trying to make it to Sunday school with children our ages is difficult, but we all do the very best we can and I love that we are all in the same boat together. This year it was at the Mraz's house and we had such a wonderful evening with good food and fellowship. I totally fell down on the job and have no photos of the event, but take my word for it... it was fantastic!

By the time we made an Amegy appearance it was mostly the young ones...
plus the ones that matter most...
It is really great that Bill loves his job and those he works with. Sometimes I think those Amegy men have too much fun! wink...

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  1. The Real Housewives of Amegy would have better ratings than The Real Bankers of Amegy.