Monday, October 26, 2009

The Gangs all Here!

What a great week! Maggie, Bill's sister moved into her new apartment, Kirby and Amy gave birth to beautiful baby Hadley and both sets of parents were in H-town for the weekend! Bill would add that both his Aggies and Cowboys won which adds to the great weekend! My parents got here on Saturday with the giraffe painting and 2 dogs in tow! I was super excited to get the painting in the nursery... Man am I one lucky girl to have such a talented mother - totally makes the nursery! Tucker had been running around the house for 2 days waiting on Tessa and Addie to get here to play... he is totally worn out! So fun!

Saturday was our neighborhood fall festival complete with costumes, cake walks, spook house, BBQ, smores, and the Charlie Brown movie. We went with our parents for a little while, but we were still a little tired from working on the nursery! Thanks mom & dad for all your help and advice! I think the nursery is coming together. Now, if I can just find someone that can do a Roman Shade and make pillows!

Bill and Dad hard at work on the cubby for the nursery!

I will get a better photo later, but look how the painting is AWESOME!!

Bill and his parents at the Fall Festival

Mom and I (promise dad was there!) and the Boo Bump!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hadley Jade Atwood!

Bill and I went to the hospital to visit the beautiful Hadley Jade Atwood! We are so excited for Kirby and Amy and their new addition to the family! It is going to be so much fun to have cousins so close together! Holding Hadley made me wish for William Stone to get here that much faster! Hadley is such a perfect little baby girl! (even though we had to wait on her a week! wink!) We decided that Kirby will join Bill for sporting events and I will join Amy in dress-up and dance recitals! Girls have the cutest clothes!

Peas find a Cure!

This week was Breast Cancer Awareness week at Spectra Energy. Last year, they hosted a cakes for the cure contest and our team, The Cure Supporters came in 3rd for most humorous. Kim Artall is awesome with her cakes and created an edible bra for us thus the humor behind being a cure 'supporter'! This year, we moved right on up in the ranks despite the technical difficulty of having improper materials and a sticky cake given to us... we rose to the challenge with Kim's pea pod as they are proven to help prevent cancer... "Peas Find a Cure" came in second this year. (Look at our cute aprons!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

23 1/2 weeks!

I have been told that more bump pictures were needed and that you are supposed to use a stuffed animal as a reference! Sorry people... I am new at this! I had Bill take a few this weekend, and I did go back to my 2 sports bra standard as the girls are just too much these days and my back needs a little break! Besides, they are starting to scare some of my girlfriends around here! Haha... I think they are all nervous that they are not going to go back to normal... Mommy swears they will and I have been tracking with her so far... let's just hope I leave her track come baby weight as I do not feel like having a 9 pound baby!!! She was one tough cookie!!! Thanks mom for sticking it out for 36 hours to have your 9 pound daughter, 3 weeks late... NATURALLY NO DRUGS.... (I will be having the drugs!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gig 'Em!

Saturday Bill and I headed to College Station to watch the Aggies play against OSU with Elliott Hillock! We are so proud of our friend for representing our country even though we miss him a ton! He will get the news shortly about shipping off to Iraq, so please keep him in your prayers!

As for the Aggies, not so proud of the loss! I mean, this is why you do not take me to football games - it just gets my blood pressure up! Unfortunately, my husband has taught me so much about football that I know and understand establishing the run (clearly we could not), quarterback sneaks (why you pass 3 times on the 4 yard line i don't understand), and how to protect your quarterback (no thanks to #74)!! I will comment that our little Freshman Michael looks promising! Maybe next time! Even though we lost and it was cold, we had a great time and loved getting to see Elliott!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Bells Rang for Caroline & Fred!

October 3rd, we attended the wedding of Caroline and Fred Knapp! Caroline was an absolutely gorgeous bride and we are so excited for them. The wedding was especially fun for Bill and I because we not only got to see some old friends from Corsicana, but we also got to spend time with several of our Houston and A&M friends (Since Fred is from Houston)! Despite the rain, everyone enjoyed themselves. The band was awesome and one of my favorites was the photo booth! Thanks Caroline and Fred for letting us celebrate with you on your big day! Below is a picture of Bill and I (a little over 5 months pregnant) getting ready for the wedding.

Happy Birthday Maggie!

October 3rd we celebrated Maggie's birthday in Corsicana! We are so excited that Maggie's new adventure includes living in Houston! Oh the trouble we can now get into! Maybe we can also talk her into babysitting once the baby comes!

Showering Lacy!

Last Friday I attended a wedding shower for a dear friend, Lacy Gober, in Corsicana at the Sherman's house! Wow! What memories from that house... it was so good to see all the girls and the bride-to-be was beautiful as always! Lacy and Rhett will be married in Austin in November!

For those of you that also grew up in the Sherman house you might recall: "Girl Talk" game in the playroom, toliet paper wars with Wes McElroy and gang, morning breakfast by Bick, shaving lessons by Ashley, and many slumber parties! BUT... you will be most happy to know that the little white furball, Missy is still ALIVE!!! I could not believe it! Love you Ash... and I am holding you to the 2 week timeline to get on FB so hopefully those that read this will pass it on! wink!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeling the baby kick!

I am a little late in posting this, but a few weekends back we traveled to San Antonio to visit my parents and while we were there, little William Stone decided to let his daddy feel him kick for the first time. He is more and more active each day and Bill feels him often now, but I do not think there is anything like seeing your husband's excitement to feel his son for the first time. AND... it wouldn't be our family if mom didn't have the camera to capture the moment!