About the Blog

When my husband and I closed the door to our lives as individuals, got married and moved to Houston; we opened a window. A window allowing friends and family into our new world. A way to connect with the Robinson III Family and for us to connect with them. It has become an incredible way to share in the joy of our first son, and document precious memories to last a lifetime.

Growing up with an artist for a mother and a banker for a father, I consider myself "structurally creative." I am pretty sure there was always an art project in progress at our house and my father always had a new mind puzzle to solve. These days I struggle to find the balance between career, wife, and mommy; and the blog has provided me with a creative outlet. Kathryn's Camera is life through my lens.

I have a passion for photography, a love for party planning, and find happiness in the art of gift giving. Kathryn's Camera combines everyone and everything I love into a central location:
  1. Livin - family life
  2. Laughin - playdates and friendships
  3. Lovin - the fairytale
  4. Learnin - lessons learned as a mom and a woman
  5. Lookin - always looking out for new products, projects, and activities
  6. Liam - watch him grow
 Wednesday Winks

These weekly winks are meant to highlight creativity or advice wherever I find it. From my favorite gift finds, to fun party theme ideas, to toddler tips, to weighing in on all your questions and beyond, I hope that you will find as much value behind the posts as I have excitement in creating them. And who knows, you might score an amazing giveaway! wink!

Thank you for taking this journey with us and for all your support!