Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double Can

I will not bore you with the illness episode that occurred this past week. All I can say is that the first time your baby gets sick... really sick. It tears you apart. Because they look at you with those "please make it go away" eyes and there is nothing that you can do but let them bury into your chest and sleep. With all the inventions in the world, I wish I had a mommy machine that could tell me what my little boy could not - which was that his ear hurt. I would not have tried warm baths and tummy rubs for gas. I would not have rubbed orajel on his teeth. I would have used the numbing drops until I could get a doctor appointment in the morning. After much needed rest, ear drops, antibiotic, eye drops, and plenty of fluids I had my little boy back.

We chose to take it easy and post-poned our Corsicana travel until late Friday. We made it to town just in time for cocktail hour at Gran's new place. And once again this woman does not disappoint. Despite what she says about not being 'finished' as a decorator is never truly finished... her house was impeccable. Absolutely beautiful. She has the Midas touch. Every home she touches evokes emotion. Draws you in close and wraps around you as if to say welcome home. She has a gift. Liam had a ball exploring and playing with Murphy. He was also intrigued by Gran's tricks.
We cancelled all other plans and Liam stayed home with daddy and Pop on Saturday because after three days of caring for a sick little, nothing could cure the mommy blues except a trip to Canton! And since fanny packs are so totally 80's, we strapped on the 'waist satchel,' grabbed the pull cart and hit the road!
Grandmother Billie Love had all three boys to herself while Ellen and I shopped till we dropped...
Literally. We covered almost every square inch of that place and after seven hours, we turned our cash...
into Gold! Pillow man gold that is. And stockings and smocked outfits for Liam and decorating items, linens, serving trays.... a whole trunk full of golden goodies! I have a pretty special mother-in-law that would want to shop 7 hours with me! It was a wonderful afternoon.
On Sunday, we were included in Gran's supper club lunch at the Country Club. I was so excited that Liam would get to meet my God parent's Pam and Hugh. I have so many special memories of baking gingerbread houses (as long as the firemen don't come, wink), carriage rides and candle making in Dallas, ice skating for the first time, and so many wonderful moments. As far as God parents are concerned, they were simply the very best. They were and continue to be amazing. They have been there supporting me every step of my journey beginning with the hospital at birth. I do not think they have missed a single thing!
There was always something special planned for just us around the holidays and each birthday Pam continues to top herself. I have been so truly blessed. My latest treasure? A golden baby shoe accented with garnet stones. Thank you Aunt Pam and Uncle Hugh from the bottom of my heart.
Iphone photo will have to do

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Who can get enough photos of their little ones in the pumpkin patch? Not us!

We made one last trip to the pumpkin patch to take a few photos before they were all gone and I am certainly glad that we did. I had the bright idea to take one of the whistles I bought to hand out to the trick-o-treaters to blow and get Liam's attention. Worked like a charm! Liam thought it was the greatest noise!
The sweet Domann family even met us out there and Liam was thrilled to see his buddy Brooks! Can you believe our babies are 9 months?
Carin, Trey and Brooks have to be some of our favorite people. It was fate that we met and we are so blessed to call them our friends. Words cannot express how grateful I am for their family and friendship.
It was an extra little treat to run into the Mraz family with their new little addition Meredith. She is absolutely beautiful and Danny and Adriane were glowing. Another amazing family in our lives. And that smocked pumpkin dress. Swoon~

Great,Great Grandmother

Last Sunday, we hopped in the car and made the trip down to Pearland to visit Liam's great, great grandmother. Yes, you read that correctly. Two greats! It is truly amazing to see a vision of five generations. Both carrying the same name, Stone.
 It was wonderful to be in her presence. To watch her kiss Liam's little hands and for him to look into her eyes and know that she is someone special.
We will be making the visit more often as it was so good to see everyone again.
And Liam is almost old enough to 'ride the horse' Roy! Liam could tell immediately why all the kids love him so much!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Festival & Pumpkin Carve

I love our neighborhood. It isn't the flashiest. The houses don't reach to the sky or require gated entrances, and many owners still mow their own lawns. What we don't have in money we make up with people. We have a super involved women's club and we get together each month to talk about the 'important' stuff over wine. And when one of the neighbors is in need, there is a line out the door of family prepared meals to lend a hand. Our neighborhood feels like the ones people talk about. We walk down to the duck pond to feed the ducks. Every other house contains a tree swing, and there is almost always a sports game going on in the street. If anything suspicious or out of the norm is going on you can expect at least three different telephone calls. Again, I love our neighborhood.

This Saturday was the Fall Festival and we were thrilled to be able to take Liam out to join in on the fun. The littles were all to dress in their Halloween costumes, but since it was hot and the Aggies were playing... Noah and Liam went as Texas A&M football players!
There was BBQ, face painting, bobbing for apples, a cake walk, and pumpkin carving contest.
There were ribbons for the best costumes...
My personal favorites were the little guy in the dinosaur and the homemade poodle!
The boys loved the swings...
And Noah enjoyed a turn on the teeter totter!
Liam seemed to love watching all the littles run around. I know he is itching to be big enough to play on the playground!
When the sun went down, the haunted house opened and Ashley and I tried to use the grave yard as a photo opportunity. That worked out well...
The fire pit was lit for smores and the tennis court was made into an outdoor theatre for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Everyone gathered their blankets and folding chairs to find the perfect viewing spot.
While the other littles enjoyed the show, we took Liam and Noah home to "carve" the pumpkin! They make these super fun plastic potato head parts to decorate with which keeps carving knives out of the picture. We would like to keep all ten fingers and toes!
Noah giggled with delight over changing the eyes, nose and ears on the pumpkin!
Our finished project was a masterpiece!
After a fun filled evening and messy dinner we gave the boys a bath... Splish Splash! I am not sure if Ashley and I got more soaked or the boys. Noah showed Liam how to really make waves and Liam was absolutely thrilled! Noah is way more fun than mom!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

9 Months You Say?

Around this time last year, I was checking into the hospital with pre-term labor contractions and I was sentenced to strict bed rest until January. It is amazing that a year later, I am holding a perfect little 9 month year old baby boy! 9 months means that we had another doctor checkup to see progress and get those nasty 9 month shots.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dewberry Farm

Sunday we set out on an adventure to Dewberry Farms with the Kerr family. The weather was perfect and we were thrilled with the opportunity to take photos in the pumpkin patch.
This 16 acre pumpkin patch was so much more than just pictures with the pumpkins! First stop was the Golden Goat Bridge where goats actually walked up steps and across high suspension bridges for treats. We preferred to watch Ben feed the "gopes" their quarter treats from below. Watch out for those teeth!
We jumped on the wagon to circle around the tree farm and into the pumpkin patch... little did we know that standing in line for the ride that was actually walking distance from the farm was kind of silly, but fun none the less.
We stumbled upon a lonely wheel barrow and propped the kids and a few pumpkins in to create the perfect scene for a patch photo. Getting the boys to take their interest away from the bright orange pumpkins and smile for the camera was not an easy task. The surrounding guests probably did not enjoy our background music of bible school songs including "I've got the joy" and "Deep in my heart" coupled with crazy mom yells to grab our littles attention.
We did manage a few family shots but we quickly learned that it was snack time!
On the menu was sausage on a stick, roasted corn on the cob, and snow cones!
The Kerr family took their turn at the duck pond races...
And Noah enjoyed meeting all of the little farm animals! It was so much fun to see the farm through his eyes...

We all enjoyed the duck pond!
To wrap up a wonderful afternoon we stayed around for the pig races. The "soo-ee" was never my favorite Aggie yell, but for the sake of the pigs we all spoke their language as they raced around the track to a finish!
 Liam enjoyed the race from the comfort of daddy's arms.
See you next year!