Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cupcake Princess

When Kirby and Amy first told us that they were expecting, we were thrilled for them. Kirby is one of those guys that you just know is going to be the "cool" dad and Amy was simply born to be a mother! Hadley Jade Atwood entered this world on October 20, 2009. And she was beautiful.

                                                                                                                                                                          This weekend we helped to celebrate her very first cupcake themed birthday. There were crawling/toddling babies everywhere and I do not think her parents would have had it any other way!
Amy made her birthday extra special with all of Hadley's Gymboree friends, a cupcake tower, and adorable personalized party favors.

And she was dressed in the most adorable hot pink petit coat that matched her gorgeous mommy!
When it came time to sing the birthday song and "smash" the cake... Hadley did it with class. She was such a little lady about it as she took a few delicate licks of icing from her finger.
And the presents... Mountains and mountains for this truly loved little sweetheart. Flying colored paper unveiled baby dolls, books, tricycles, and then..
The Madam Alexander doll we gave her!

They wheeled it in... the Little Tykes Car. The first birthday party must have!

Yea for presents.
Loved this photo of her... such a happy girl!
Liam found his corner with a Fisher Price Alligator.. what can I say? We love these green creatures!
 And I caught him crawling over to none other than one of his favorite people in the world - his great grandmother Margaret. He is always thrilled to see her and just laughs and laughs. Of course Daddy scooped him up to get a closer view.
We had a wonderful afternoon and were so happy to be included in Hadley's celebration. It seems unreal that it has already been a year. That both Liam and Hadley are really here and they are so close in age. And it makes me so happy to invision all of the celebrations to come and how much fun it will be for the two of them! Happy Birthday to an amazing, beautiful little girl. We love you!

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