Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Maglieri

Yes. I am very behind on blog postings. We have been super busy! It is time to slow down just a little bit and reflect...
I have known Haley since the 7th grade. We grew up in the "Can." Corsicana, Texas for those of you not familiar with the term. And although I have tons of wonderful memories of that place, I mean, it is where I met my husband, there is a reason that it is called the can. You can feel a little trapped. I like to consider Haley my "can opener!" She was always going places... she was destined for great things!

Oh the trouble we got in to. Then... and even later. When I went to visit her in Lansing, at law school it took me 2 trains and a greyhound bus to get there. Yes, you heard me correctly. I rode on a greyhound bus... now that is determination to see a friend.. haha!
This was my first encounter with Michael. He must have thought I was crazy! He carried all my luggage while Haley and I talked breathing in and breathing out catching up. He took us to dinner and even made us specialty cocktails... what a true Texas gentleman... even though he is a Yankee! I knew then that they were totally in love... that they were the perfect power couple!

Then, Bill and I took a detour from skiing in Colorado to visit Haley and Mike in their new digs. Haley and I were thrilled for the boys to meet. (Even though Haley and I were the only ones with a picture to prove it!) Haley and I spent most of the trip giggling and admiring her shiney new ring! There was another visit, but let's get on to the good stuff....
Bill had not been feeling well, but at 5am on Friday, September 24th his 103 fever finally broke and even being sick couldn't stop us from our Colorado trip for Haley and Mike's wedding. It was the first time we had ever left the baby over night, but I knew that he was in the very best hands with GiGi and Pappa!
When we arrived in Colorado, we dashed to Enterprise to pick up the rental to drive to Breckenridge! Bill was such a master driver in the mountains and we made pulled up to the rehearsal with 2 minutes to spare before it was my turn to practice walking down the aisle! The view was breathtaking. The weather was perfect. And Haley was beaming already! The rehearsal dinner was at this amazing little Mexican food restaurant with the mountains as our backdrop. It was within walking distance from Ten Mile Station where we stayed so it was perfect for margarita drinking!
I think Haley and Mike covered half the states with their attendants. Everyone had such great stories to tell...
We woke up Saturday morning to the most gorgeous day. I do not think Haley could have ordered better weather. Bill and I, used to early mornings, took advantage and walked to a morning breakfast of sourdough french toast at the Blue Moose.
The girls headed down to this quaint little shop nestled in the heart of Breckenridge to get our hair done. We started off the celebration with mimosas, cheers and more stories while the ladies teased and pinned our hair up into sprayed sculptures. Sherri, Kat, and Maddie were such fun girls. It was like we had all known each other for years.
As we put Haley in her bridal grown, it brought back fond memories of my wedding and how Haley was there helping me prepare.
But today was her day and she made a stunningly beautiful bride.
It was an amazing ceremony with the sun kissing our cheeks and the mountains at our backs. It was as if you had photoshopped us into a photo.
And then he kissed his bride and the celebration begun!
There was wonderful food. Great friends and family.
And of course a couple of toasts...
And lots and lots of dancing!
Congratulations to an amazing power couple! I wish you all the best and love you dearly! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!
And when the weekend was over and Haley and Mike set off for their Napa honeymoon... we came home to the happiest little boy who now blows bubbles and prefers ice in his water!! In exchange for grandchild spoiling, Poppa fixed our mailbox! Thank you guys for everything!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been 8 months

It's been 8 months since you entered into this world and you have grown so much. The past 8 months you have brought us so much joy and we have loved every second we are with you! You shine so brightly!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Smile

When I was little I was given the option of braces. It wasn't that my teeth were super crooked, but I have a small mouth and a cross-bite. I ask you... what 13 year old, given the option would choose to have braces? Well, not this 13 year old either.

Then, fast-forward to adulthood with TMJ issues, lock jaw, cavities, cracked crowns, potential arthritis of the jaw... just to name a few. Time for braces! Fantastic... I get to be a brace face at 27! To add insult to injury most of the orthodontists I consulted agreed that I would be a tough case and that my upper pallet would need to be surgically broken. That would mean wired jaw, potential for my facial muscles to fall in... just not an easy journey. They also mentioned that it would change my entire facial structure. So what did I do? DELAY! Until I decided that better now than later. That we wanted to have a family and that since I would be in braces at least two years.. I needed to do it now and then we could think about children.  

Enter Dr. Mark Hablinski who was willing to take me on and try without surgery! Braces were placed on April 13, 2009 at 1PM. I had it all... including an upper metal bar that would pull my pallet out and tons and tons of rubber bands!

Picture taken immediately after at office
Then... you guessed it. I got pregnant with Liam exactly 1 month later (May 12). Really? I did not know it at the time... but later I would realize that I had two DO NOT EAT lists... try that one on for size? And mouth pain? No Advil... I do not recommend this option!

Then it happened. The day I was waiting for. The day I get to smile without braces. The day that my son got to see ME... the real me for the first time. And I could take normal pictures with him! On September 21st 2010 they removed my braces. Even Dr. H says that he never thought we would have an outcome this positive! Lesson to all of you... be a rubber band natzi and wear them! I got them off EARLY. Dr. H says that I am "board certified" meaning I get to be on the example board of a difficult case gone right!!!
Right After with no lipstick, but you get the picture
Dr. Mark Hablinski was my miracle worker and was absolutely the best! I even met a wonderful new friend in his staff around my age with a young daughter that I could get good advice from. They were awesome! In fact, his entire staff was just fantastic... they made me feel more like family than a patient! Today... I give you my new smile. Today, I feel a little more beautiful.
Dr. H, me, and Brooke!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We had a fantastic weekend.

Friday we had a morning play date with all the mommies, babies and breakfast! I am so blessed to have such a great group of mommies to share worries with! We have all either been there... done that... about to do that... or going through it right now! It helps to have other moms to lean on. It helps to know that you are not the only one. It helps to know that you are not "crazy!" 
Little Sam was there with Sayler. It is amazing how much that precious little guy has grown since we saw him last.
And Wyatt was able to join in on more of the fun this time. He and little Sam are 5 days apart. The last play date he was just 2 months old... and just look at him now!
And sweet little Layla Grace... she was our youngest at just 2 months. It was so great to see Jackie and we all took turns passing around Layla and 'remembering' just how tiny they really were!
Then of course there were the 8 month old crew... Bella born on January 19th, Liam born on January 22nd, and Brooks born on January 27th! I am in love with this stage! Their little personalities are starting to shine. 
Brooks and Liam had us all in smiles as they were up to their usual tricks. Brooks jams out to music. Clapping and singing and bouncing around! It is a must see for sure! I am so in love with these boys. I hope they know that Carin and I plan on them being best buddies! wink!

Saturday we made the trip. The trip to College Station that is. The place where Bill and I spent our college days (well, half of mine). The place that brings back so many fun memories. The place where you "throw your arms 'round each other and sing Hullabaloo." The place that bleeds maroon!
It was Liam's very first Aggie game and it could not have been more perfect! Bill scored tickets to the Zone club and if you have not experienced college football in this fashion, you should! Air conditioning. Great food. Clean, family bathrooms. Covered game viewing. Plasma televisions. And alcohol!
Liam was just as entranced in the 'real' game as he is watching it at home on television!
As we entered the club, we literally ran smack dab into a high school friend, Luke Motycka!
And then, as we settled into our seats we hear, "Bill," and turn around to old Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers! I know Bill was excited to catch up and show off our new little Aggie.
They were so great with Liam. Those boys were passing him around and having a great time. Mitchell even let Liam chew on his sunglasses' lanyard. We loved Mitchell!
What could have made this game experience more perfect than that? Kenneth Stone, my cousin, had just received his Texas A&M ring and we were there to help celebrate with his girlfriend and my aunt and uncle! 
You are so pretty Aunt Patti!
That ring of gold is such an accomplishment and we are so very proud of all that he has done. It represents an instant, unspoken bond between Aggies.
It was so wonderful to be with family. I have always looked up to my Aunt Patti and Uncle Kenny. They are truly amazing in all facets of life. Amazing couple. Amazing parents. Amazing Christians. Amazing aunt and uncle. Amazing friends. Simply amazing to everyone they know. They are always positive and you are just happy to be with them. They have the sweetest love story. One that you might read about in a book. That sweet little "girl with a red bow in her hair" is married to that handsome, small town boy... and they shine!
And when I am missing my Papaw and wishing more than anything for him to hold my little boy... I am comforted that he is being held in similar arms. And that makes me happy!
After the A&M victory, or maybe a little before (but don't tell!)... we went for dinner and Liam experienced his first pickle! Just try and take that pickle away from him!
GiG 'EM!