Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day!

I think that we should institute a monthly Labor Day Monday. It was so wonderful to have a long weekend to share with family and friends.
Rainbow we captured over the weekend
I began my weekend with a girl's night out at a dear friend's, Alisa Williams, home. Jackie brought the smallest member of the girl's night Miss Layla Grace and we all took turns passing her around and swooning over her and her pink polo dress.
Then we caught a wild hair and jumped in the car fully equipped with the new Britax car seat and headed up to visit GiGi and Pappa in San Antonio. I think it was a super fun surprise and they could not get over how much Liam had grown.
We spent the majority of our visit splashing in the pool.
And the rest of the time playing!
We finally introduced Liam to handsome Aiden. It seems like yesterday Gena was introducing us to such a tiny little guy and we were celebrating the news of our pregnancy. Time truly does fly.
GiGi and Chris bought them matching hats!
We cleaned up and headed for some local fun at Stoneworks where Liam had a blast sipping from GiGi's straw while mom and dad enjoyed a hot meal. And in true Johnson fashion, we made a detour through Wendy's for nightcap frosties!
Did we mention how much fun our Pappa is? He built an entire play city for Liam to play with. It was a huge hit! Liam showed off his launching skills in preparation for crawling and squealed in excitement when we all paid attention to the show.
And lunch was way more fun the way Pappa served it!
After our mini-visit we headed home and unpacked just in time to help Ben Kerr celebrate his birthday with hotdogs, hamburgers, fajitas... you name it, the boys grilled it!
It is amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year we were sipping beers into the late hours of the night and this year we were eating to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star" and racing home early to get baths and into bed by bedtime. Even though it might be different, we wouldn't change a thing!
Bella is 2 days older than Liam
Noah steals a kiss!
We feel so blessed to have such amazing friends like Ben and Ashley and we just love the Kerr family. Their son, Noah, is simply precious and Liam already watches and adores him. I just know they are going to be best buds! Happy Birthday Ben!

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  1. Swimming, and playing, and drinking! What is in your cup missy!