Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Month Stats

(daddy brought home cake to celebrate)

Two Month Checkup!

11 pounds 10 ounces - 50 percentile
22 3/4 inches long - 50 percentile
15 1/2 head size - 50 percentile

Things to Remember...

- starting to laugh
- smiles all the time with those big dimples
- coos and kicks his legs while talking to us
- loves Rockabye baby lullaby CDs
- Sleeping 5 - 6 hours in the night
- likes to try and stand on mommy's tummy with help
- still loves the bath, really animated now
- able to hold his head up for long periods of time
- found his fingers to suck
- still loves the paci
- grasps mommy's hair, mommy's necklace and rattle
- likes to watch Tucker's tail wag
- looks just like daddy
- loves lime green and red
- had a little thrush
- took shots like a champ

I cannot believe that our little boy is 2 months old. Where has the time gone already? He is growing and learning everyday. I am so not looking forward to leaving him and going back to work. I know that every parent brags on their child, but since this is our blog... I must brag on ours! Today he got his 2 month shots and we have been told horrible stories and so I was trying to prepare myself! Liam did amazing! The first was an oral vaccine and the nurse was so impressed as he took it down without missing a drop! (she said most babies spit it out and that this means he will be good at trying new things and foods when he gets older.. way to go son!) The first shot Liam did not even fuss or cry and the second one that was supposed to sting he let out a little yelp and then was done.. such a brave, tough little man. Now, it might have helped that mommy brought a bottle, but still a job well done! Mommy did not even cry!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monsters ate the Easter Bunny

This past week was GiGi's spring break, so Liam and I traveled to San Antonio for a visit! We had so much fun seeing Uncle Steven, Pappa, GiGi, and Gran. It was so nice to have our very own photo shoot in Liam's Easter outfit! He loved talking to the duck and laughing at his mommy! His Easter basket came early since we would not see my parents for Easter; one of the items in it? An Easter Bunny? NOPE! His very own set of monsters... Mrax and Glus! They were the cutest things ever. It was a successful trip, but we sure were glad to be home to see our daddy!
Talking to the duck...

Take this off of me... my daddy would NOT APPROVE!

Laughing with mommy!
Mrax and Glus ate those bunny ears!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The little things...

We just love being parents! Liam absolutely loves bath time! We started him on a bedtime routine that includes a warm bath and it is his favorite time of the day. He likes to try and taste the water and loves to kick his little legs. He is finally giving us about 5 1/2 hours sleep at night consistently (7 1/2 weeks)
This weekend Bill worked in the yard and Liam and I setup a blanket and played outside with him while he pulled the weeds... such a fun afternoon. Liam loved the outdoors. He esp. liked the soothing sounds of our wind chime.
And... we totally look like our daddy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Noah Turns 1

This weekend Liam was introduced to the Kingman family. They brought him some of the coolest gifts! His favorite thus far?... the Bob Marley and Beatles lullaby CDs! They are so awesome for any of you new moms out there! Simply a must have! Thank you guys!

Liam experienced his first birthday party as well! It is hard to believe that a year ago we were at the hospital visiting Ashley and Ben Kerr as they welcomed their son, Noah to the world! We are hoping that little Noah and Liam become best buds as we just love Ben and Ashley!
Frat Boys!
The gift we got Noah!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last night we introduced Liam to his beautiful cousin, Hadley, born in October. Next Christmas is going to be so much fun with these two!

Hadley Jade - 4 months
William "Liam" Stone - 1 month
K3 and W3 with their little ones!

Kenneth's 21st in Austin

Over the weekend, we took Liam on his second travel adventure to San Antonio. GiGi and now, Pappa's house has been baby-fied: fully stocked with diapers, wipes, and his very own pack-in-play! On Saturday we traveled to Austin for Kenneth's 21st birthday to eat at Serranos. Everyone was there from the Stone and Johnson family! It was so fun to have everyone in the same place and we laughed so much I think others at the restaurant were ready for us to go - Liam, of course, slept through the entire thing!

One Month Stats

1 month checkup!

8 lbs 14 ounces - 25 percentile
21 1/4 inches - 50 percentile

things to remember

- touchdown pose
- monkey face
- loves back and foot rubs
- can roll over to one side
- can follow toys with eyes
- loves itsy bitsy spider
- loves his bath
- lifts head off chest and tummy time mat
- loves colorful bear Uncle Steven bought
- absolutely adores music in lamb, on computer and singing