Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day and Giveaway

The week before Mother's Day, I received the best Mother's Day present a mom could ask for. Liam, after not saying it for 8 months, found his "M" again and said Mamma! And hasn't stopped saying it ever since. My heart was completely full when he began repeating a distinct "Hi mamma" to which I would reply "Hi Liam" until we both ran out of breath. His latest use of mamma is while carrying his playskool cell phone. Daycare also pointed out that he walks around the room saying Hi mamma... and da - dee while speaking into their play phone. Hummm... Does this mean that I am on the phone too much?

On the morning of Mother's Day I rolled over to discover the second best gift. I kept rubbing my eyes in dis-belief that our clock said 8:45am. The latest Liam has ever slept in. I thank GiGi and Pop for him being a morning person. After leaping out of bed to ensure the sleeping beauty was indeed just sleeping, he popped his little head out of the crib and said "Hi Mamma!"

We laid in bed for a bit and then Liam and I sat on the floor while he colored a picture. I was presented with the most adorable card that Liam had made in school of his tiny handprints and I quickly hung both the card and picture on the fridge.

I am always second guessing myself as a mother. I think back to all the incredible things that my mother did for us. To nurture our minds and encourage creativity. We always had a project going. My favorite memories didn't cost a dime. From stomping through mud puddles in our galoshes to gearing up in search of geodes on our great rock hunt to discovering milkweed and tiny cocoons that we watched emerge into beautiful butterflies to paper mache pumpkins that imploded and mildewed, we were always exploring a new adventure.  A safe, secure, incredibly happy world created just for my brother and I. I think about all the sacrifices that she made. All the things she did without because we were so much more important than a career or car or new outfit. We always had the best and she made sure of it. She was at every soccer game and every cheerleading event. She never missed a single thing. She made every birthday special. She shut down hair salons, traveled to Dallas for a tea party, cut down trees to make a fort for Robbin Hood and so much more to bring our themes to life. She had a way to make you feel special for any event. Made sure you had a new outfit with fresh make-up and all the accessories so that her daughter felt beautiful. How many times did she haul all my friends around in that red convertible for Parrot Ices? She is such an inspiration to me and I look up to her so much. We blur the line when it comes to mom and best friend. Because even though she is my mother, there is no one else in the world I would rather spend time with, talk on the phone for hours with or even shop with. She is my very best friend. She is my hero. (and the song playing in the back ground, "I Hope You Dance," my mother dedicated to me at my wedding... baboo!)
All of these ladies helped me to grow. Helped me to become the woman that I am today. Gave me the confidence. Gave me strength. Gave me all the love and support a girl could ask for. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing line of moms.
The night before Mother's Day, my mother posted this photograph and a serge of emotion came over me because maybe I was meant to be a mom all along. I was 3 1/2 when my baby brother was born. I have heard stories about waking up with him in the middle of the night to give my doll a bottle while rocking next to mom, but I did not hear this story. That at 3 1/2 I was supporting my newborn brother's head with one arm and feeding him his bottle with the other as if he was mine. Maybe I can be a good mom. You have all these fears as a new mother about being so perfect and not wanting to make any mistakes. You want to do the very best job and you want your child to have the very best. You want to protect them from everything. I question my ability as a mother everytime Liam takes a tumble or I leave for work as he goes to daycare. But the girl in the photo isn't scared at all. She is a confident little mommy. And I should learn a little something from her. No one is the perfect mom.

The day after Mother's Day, I returned to the office. A little after lunch, I got a call from my husband saying that he had just gotten back from a luncheon and was headed back to work, but that he wanted to drop off a little something. That it might melt if I didn't come and get it. My husband knows that I am not a huge chocolate fan, so I just said... oh Honey, take it up to work with you and I will get it when I get home as I am finishing up this conference call. Turns out 5 minutes later, the call ended so I agreed to meet in the lobby. As I walked up to the car, a very large chocolate box laid in the front seat with the letter Louis Vuitton. Now this kind of chocolate I love!!! Apparently, my over-the-top Mother's Day gift had not arrived in time for the actual day. What an incredible surprise. This is one Mother's Day for the books!
I did not get any of just Liam and I on Mother's Day, but we did happen to snap a family shot at Wyatt's birthday.
Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms out there!

In honor of Mother's Day, there is a very special Giveaway just in time for summer!

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the ultimate wine accessory, the wineVEIL. With the weather heating up, many of us prefer to take cocktail hour outdoors. There are all sorts of gadgets to cover your appetizer tray, but what about your precious glass of wine? I wasn't planning to share my glass with a fly or in Houston's case a mosquito.
Kelly Egan and Karen Knauer along with their amazing marketing partner, Madeline Stevens have managed to make enjoying a glass of wine outdoors relaxing. Even better they come in a variety of colors adding vibrance to your table and a way to identify your glass. They are the perfect hostess gift.

On May 21-22nd, Madie and her Denver team are headed to Texas! They will be at the Ultimate Women's Expo in Dallas and would love for you to stop by and check out this new product.

Want to own your very own set? Leave us a comment and one lucky winner picked at random will win The Blend, part of the original wineVeil collection. Good Luck and thank you Madie!


  1. I should not have looked at this blog during work! I can't control my emotions! Thank you Kate, for such a wonderful tribute! I love you so much! xoxoxo

  2. You are a GREAT MOM! I love you.

  3. Put me in for the wineVEIL. They look awesome!

  4. happy Mother's Day

  5. So glad the "M's" are back! You know you're his favorite anyway! *wink
    What an awesome Mother's Day and must I add that your mom is gorgeous!

    Must get some stemless glasses....

    And the wine veils are a must as well! I always get a mosquito or a fruit fly when we drink on the patio!

  6. A beautiful and oh so true tribute to Elise, Kate. No one is more fun to be with than your inventive, energic and creative Mom. Best of all she is generous, honest and caring. I'd say you are an awesome compliment to her. I am humbled by the both of you and Oh! so blessed. Baboo both of you! oxoxox

  7. Count me in for the wine veils! I just got a mesquito out of my wine glass last evening! Elise(Mom)

  8. So jealous of your Mother's Day purse!

  9. This is way cool!!

  10. You are blessed to have a creative and thoughtful mom....She is blessed to have a beautifully expressive and loving daughter....Liam is blessed to have an amazing, kind and loving mamma. Happy happy (late!) Mothers Day to the most remarkable young mom I know. So grateful that you're part of our family!
    P.S. Too late for the giveaway, but wine veils are really cool!