Friday, May 20, 2011

Ahoy Capt. Wyatt

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Mother's Day afternoon we put on our seersucker and headed to celebrate Wyatt's first birthday. I was 'blown out of the water' when we entered their backyard. Claire had created a beach scene complete with sand, treasure chest, palm tree and a pirate ship! A real pirate ship with a flag flying high.

I should have known when we received our hand done invitation made to look like a treasure map that this party would be amazing. Avast! Claire had all sorts of wonderful goodies to snack on including a carved out watermelon fruit bowl and mini apple ship snacks. The cake was complete with shark waters and an 'x' to mark the spot!
All of the boys took a turn as captain of the big pirate ship. And what is a pirate without a hat, hook and gun? ARRGH!

It isn't a true pirate story without the rescue of a princess or ballerina!
It was a hot Sunday afternoon and the little swashbuckles cooled off in the shark tank calling 'Parley' amongst all the toys.

I am sure you remember our little cake smasher from this photoshoot a little while back, and this time Wyatt brought his cake game face like a true pirate.
This little captain didn't mine sharing with his other mates!
And then we attempted the baby group shot once again. At one point not a single child was looking at the camera...
 But we got several adorable group shots!
All the guests were having a wonderful Mother's Day.
I absolutely love living so close to this amazing family. Claire is a wealth of information being a specialist in child development and another incredible mom in my life. It is so exciting to know another friend that will be in Liam's class growing up. Wyatt is such an adorable little guy and the best little one year old pirate!
Believe it or not, James, Claire and Wyatt all share birthdays days a part. So, happy birthday to all three of you!
After the party, Liam had a fun dressing up in all his party favor gear!
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  1. What an adorable idea for a birthday! You girls amaze me with your creativity. Love the photos! You really captured the event!

  2. Ahem... somebody else I know threw creative birthdays... Hand made bow and arrows with hats, tree fort and hay barrell targets for Robbin Hood? wink!

  3. AWESOME party decor and theme! How fun are little mateys!

  4. Cutest pirates EVER.....especially Wyatt in the hat and Liam in the eye patch! What an adorable celebration for a precious little guy.