Tuesday, May 24, 2011

16 Months

This post hits me hard every single month. Every single month I know that Liam is one month older and that the number only goes up from here, but I still seem shocked everytime I write the new number into the blog post title. Because it is just crazy that I am a mother to a 16 month old!

Summer is in full swing and with our neighborhood pool opening this month, we are going to be in the water a lot!
We are spending more and more time outdoors. I am pretty sure that Liam would spend every waking moment outside. Even though there are mosquitoes (that he is super allergic to) and even though it is really hot!

Speaking of hot, Carin and I took the boys to get frozen yogurt as a special treat and let them run wild in city center. The boys ran and ran until they were red in the face. They are such sweet friends!
We added to our vocabulary this month as well:
  • Rah wah - flower (we LOVE this one)
  • dish - fish
  • ah-pee, ah-pee - Happy, Happy
  • Ippo - Hippo
  • Choo Choo - What the train says
  • Bee Beep - What the car says (beep)
  • Too Too - What the boat says (toot)
  • Me-ya - Mea (Yea for the last of the grandparent's names!)
  • sticks his tongue out - for what the lizard says (Brooks taught him this)
  • Rrrah - grrr for the Lion
  • hutch awn - Touchdown
  • Bee Boy - Big Boy
  • Hi Momma! - still so proud of this one!
  • Keeys - Keys
  • ieieieieie - EIEIO (Old MacDonald)
  • up - up
  • wee ooh wee ooh - Siren on the firetruck
Tip: make sure to stop the music in order to view the video.
He is so interested in learning new words. He loves to bring his book to you and take your finger to place on words he would like to know. He has gotten incredible with one of his books where he knows almost every word... not clearly spoken, but sounds about right! The only problem is catching him on camera! I kid you not, the kid stops everything once you get it out. The only way I have been able to catch him is a covert operation via iPhone! I finally managed to sneak a few car videos that are super wobbly as I rigged the phone to where he wouldn't see the camera. I was determined to catch some animal sounds!

He is also very fond of the telephone. He walks around talking to mamma and da-dee and gigi and pappa and a bunch of gobbled goo!
My mom also taught him to put on sunglasses and say "Super Star!" Of course, he wants you to say Super Star. He thinks this is a great game. Esp. when mommy has them on her face. Thank you so much GiGi! wink!

We have been practicing with our sidewalk chalk and bath markers, which he loves! We have graduated from just dots to dots and lines! I am working on circles. He likes to help my hand draw the circle, but hasn't quite mastered that one himself yet! But man does he love that chalk!

We have also been practicing with a fork. I totally made the mistake of thinking that he would be encouraged as a boy to use the fork with a little karate Hai Ya action. This worked so well that he loves to karate chop all meals with a very loud Hai Ya!!! Whoops!
Fork and spoon? Oh yea, baby! The only problem is that he still only prefers his veggies from a jar... whatever works, right?

He is a child after his daddy's heart with a huge love for football! And not the smaller football that we bought just for him. The large, full size football almost as big as he is!

Liam, you bring such joy to our family and I couldn't be happier. I am full. I am completely overwhelmed by the happiness that you have brought into my life. Given my life so much meaning. You are amazing and I love watching the world through those beautifully changing brown eyes and laughing with you behind those gorgeous dimples!  Baboo.


  1. Great post about our growing Bee Boy. ILY

  2. Precious post. Love the karate chopping fork and the amazing football picture...and ALL those cute words! Thanks again for making us feel like we're right there watching him grow and change so quickly. You're a great mommy.
    Love you!!
    P.S. Don't know why my google acct is not working, but this is Mea :)

  3. Too big. I'm telling you 16 months is a BLAST! they are little sponges learning so much!