Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Robinsons in Whoville

When we first moved into the neighborhood, I met Marianne at our women's club. Unfortunately, we kept missing each other at the meetings and then I became pregnant and put on bedrest and then Marianne became pregnant. We never really had a chance to connect beyond knowing what a sweet neighbor she was. Our friendship; however was meant to be. It just so happens that Carin's "friend" close by that went to her highschool who was going to start joining our playdates and Claire's friend also same highschool living in the neighborhood and most recently Alicia's friend and Jenn's friend and so on and so one IS... Marianne Horton! As soon as it clicked; As soon as we got the chance to truly visit... it was like we had been friends for years. The best part is that their family lives so close that you could hit a golf ball into their yard from mine. I feel like my neighborhood stepped out of the movies where we walk in the evenings pushing the babies and drinking a little wine from time to time in the front yard. Where our littles splash in the pool and play on blankets laid out underneath the trees. Where the playground is within arms reach and where Liam will learn to ride his bicycle from the safety of a double cul de sac and protective moms with orange cones at the entrance.

We have literally dropped into Whoville. The city located on a single spec in this great big city protected by 'elephant' caring moms and neighbors. And my neighbor "Whos" are known for their characteristic welcoming spirits and warm hearts. I cannot believe it took us so long to finally connect with the precious Horton family. Marianne is the kind of friend everyone wishes for where she treats everyone like "A person's a person no matter how small" She is genuine and kind. And Kevin and Bill get along great having similar interests! Lainey is one of the most gorgeous little girls Liam and I have ever seen and her personality lights up the room. No dating until you are older little man! wink!
Photograph by Marianne Horton

We have spent evenings splashing in Lainey's pool.
The parent's spent an evening in city center to celebrate Marianne's milestone birthday! She looked absolutely stunning in her Chic Boutique dress. It was a wonderful evening and a perfect night for celebration of a new friendship.
We had a family cook-out after a visit to the neighborhood pool. Bill did a great job with the burgers while Liam and Lainey ate, I mean drew, with chalk!
After dinner, Lainey found one of Liam's walking toys and climbed up like she had practiced a thousand times. She began pushing the dinosaur across the floor like a pro. Little did I know that these were Lainey's first steps with a walker! Marianne is an incredible, professional photographer and in all my excitement.. instead of throwing her the camera to catch this milestone I quickly snapped a couple memory shots. Sorry about that. Hopefully you got some great ones when you got home!
A toast to Kevin and Marianne on their Anniversary!
Over the Memorial Day weekend, we met up for Taco Night with several of their friends and had such a fun evening. We were celebrating Christina's baby girl due this summer. She has got to be one of the most stylish mommies-to-be. Her son, also Liam, is just a couple months older than our little guy and they are so cute playing together. Yes, another fellow Mustang.
Photograph by Marianne Horton
It was so good to catch up with Alicia as well with news of a baby girl due in August. It must be a girl season! She is yet another beautiful little mommy-to-be and I am so glad to have met her!
Photograph by Marianne Horton
Come to find out, all but three of the ladies there were pregnant! And one had just given birth six weeks prior. What a wonderful way to spend pregnancy. With all your best girlfriends. No one jealous of your glass of wine and everyone discussing experiences. (Marianne let me borrow a photo to share)
Photograph by Marianne Horton
Liam was having a blast playing in all the outdoor water activities. He just followed right along with the other boys.
Sweet Lainey was the only older girl able to play, but I do not think she minded!

Thank you for including us on such a fun group evening. I feel truly blessed to call you our friends and neighbors. I only wish we had discovered this sooner! This is going to be one amazing summer!

"I meant what I said and I said what I meant. A 'Hortons' faithful one hundred percent." - Dr. Seuss

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  1. What a small world we are all in! She sounds like a lovely lady....her blog is by invite only. I would love to read it...ask for an invite? kimDOTartallATgmailDOTcom

    Lots of fun water play for our boys this summer!