Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last Tuesday night we had a dinner to be savoured. Fresh butternut squash pasta stretched and made from scratch, a beautiful salad, juicy, coffee encrusted beef tenderloin with a creamy bearnaise sauce and crisp haricot verts. Shannon, an incredible professional chef, had our mouths watering from the moment we entered the apartment. She is a master of flavors and we were so excited to be invited to her table.

Shannon and her husband Zach are the sweetest couple and I cannot believe that we had not gotten together sooner. We had such a lovely evening telling stories from Midland and laughing with the McLane family. They are such an incredible family and have a gift for making you feel welcome. Liam instantly felt their warmth and made quick friends with Mark. Shannon truly knew the key to Liam's heart... through his belly of course! He sat in my lap gobbling up every last bite of the pasta.
After dinner, Shannon brought out the most delicious apple frittata that did not last long!
I feel like I have known the McLane family for years, they are just that kind of family. Genuine and so much fun to be around. It was like I had grown up with you just as Bill and Maggie had. We loved catching up and enjoying a wonderful evening. Let's do it again soon.
In search of an unforgettable meal your guest's taste buds will sing about? Let Shannon at Savour cater your next event. Also, check out her menu on facebook full of sweet items to crave!

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