Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monkey Bizness

I wasn't sure what to expect when Ashley asked us to join her and Noah at Monkey Bizness, but when we walked into the room after forking up a mere $5 (for the two of us to play), and saw the ultimate bounce house world, I knew we were in for a really fun morning.

It took Liam a little bit to get his legs underneath him, but he was quickly running down bounce house row screaming with delight. Usually with a ball in hand of course!
Ashley talked us in to climbing the gigantic slide. Half way to the top I had a moment where I looked down at my 16 month old tucked underneath my arm as I was pulling our bodies up the slide latter steps with sock feet. Slippery sock feet with several children rushing behind us. If I was to fall it would have been a total disaster. We made it out alive! Noah was a total pro and had Ashley climbing the tower over and over. I am not going to lie.. the slide down was not really meant for heavy people. Because adults go extremely fast down that slide. There is no graceful way to crash into a wall! But boy did the little ones have a blast!
M'Lee was such a trooper! I thought keeping track of one kiddo was hard. Try entering the bounce house with one 16 month old and one infant strapped to your chest! Way to go M'Lee! Aria just slept the entire time.
We took a bounce break for a slam dunk contest!
My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. My back hurt from crouching down through the tunnels. My feet hurt from trying to fit them between kid sized latter steps. My head hurt from crashing into the walls and I am pretty sure I came out with a few rope burns and a couple bruises. All worth it. We are totally going back! It was the best way to wear out the kiddos and it wasn't extremely crowded. There was even an area to sit and have the lunches we packed.
Thank you for including us on such a fun day!


  1. We had a place like this called Pump It Up when we lived in Tucson and Natalie loved it! Paul and I were definitely exhausted after playing there!

  2. Super fun! I always feel wiped out when we go to places like that too!

    And Mrs. Ashley...socks are required. heehee