Monday, June 20, 2011

Shine Bright Firefly

Things have been incredibly busy for the Robinson family. I hope to be able to finally catch you up...
So, I will start with the difficult one. Maybe I have been so far behind on posts because this one is so hard.

After a six month battle with cancer, Sarah Chidgey Hughes passed on in peace on February 16, 2011. And so on June 11th, I joined my sorority sisters, friends and family to walk in her honor at the first annual One Step 5K.

When I think of courage and strength, I think of Sarah.  I followed her daily as she bravely shared her journey on her blog. She was and is an inspiration to us all and "we cherish the path she illuminated." Shine bright firefly, shine bright. Romans 8:37-39

It goes without saying how much I truly miss these amazing women and how wonderful it was to catch up with all of them. It was a bittersweet morning to have lost such a beautiful friend so young, but to also feel surrounded by her joy through friendships.
It has been such a very long time since I got to see Lindsay. I have fond memories of hanging out with her and Leslie in the dorms at UT and it was amazing to see her as a mom! Turns out our little ones are really close in age and she and her husband (who ran the 5K in 17 minutes I might add) live close to my parents. Such a small world!
My dad may have won his division of the race...

But mom and I got the most out of our workout pushing Liam up and down all the hills! I am pretty sure the old guy in his wheelchair beat us...
 There was music, snow cones, food and a bounce house in celebration of Sarah's life! Liam's favorite part of the run was definitely the after party!

After lunch, we hit the pool to cool off!
 Why is it everytime we go and visit my parents, I feel like I am on vacation?
I know! Because GiGi brings out pina colada's by the pool topped with a flamingo straw and cherry! (Liam's was orange juice of course)
That night we headed out for dinner at ZTejas, one of my favorites from Austin. Table side guacamole and margarita tasters? That is what I call heaven!
and Liam agreed.
Before packing up to go home, we did a little shopping and then had lunch at another fun spot in San Antonio, Big Z's. GiGi and Pappa have scouted out all the kid-friendly places to play and eat. Liam took a little chalk art lesson...
And ran until his little cheeks were red with Pappa!
Thanks for another amazing weekend!


  1. Hat tip to KaRob on another enjoyable story enhanced your amazing photography! Hat tip 2 on clever new blog name. Hat tip 3 to Papa on winning the race while drinking pina colatas. Hope WSR gets those fast twitch muscles and hairy chest. Missing all in The Can. Pop

  2. You always take me by surprise Kate...I can't remember to have plenty of tissue close by! I truly loved seeing you with your sorority sisters...thank you for letting us share! What an amazing group of young people!!!!

  3. Hey Pop! KR Stone use to say "Hair doesn't grow on steel!" lol!

  4. Although I only met Sarah a couple of times, watching her journey was truly a blessing. Great job blogging about about a very special person and a very special event. Thanks to Gigi and Pappa for opening your home so we could be there.

  5. What sweet way to honor your friend.

    P.S. since the domain change, we can't access it from work. Boo.