Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Like Dad

They are heroes. They kiss your boo boo's and make you feel better. They read you bedtime stories and scare away the boogie man. They protect us. They know just what to do to make you smile. They teach you how to throw a football and never miss a game. They help us with our homework and are proud of all our accomplishments. They are role models. They walk their daughters down the aisle and teach their son's to protect their families. They are dads.

And I could not be more proud or more blessed to have these amazing fathers in my life. We celebrated three incredible dads.

Daddy. Pappa. Steve, who also celebrated a birthday!!

Dad. Pop. BruRob.

And our Dah-Dee.

Liam was so excited to push in Bill's golf club, then proceeded to get out his plastic set of clubs to be "just like dad." Liam wants to do everything just like dad. He mows, golfs, pretend shaves, makes funny faces in he mirror and so on. He is a pretty incredible dad to look up to with big shoes to fill, but I know with Bill's guidance, Liam will also be a wonderful dad one day.

Our Piggies and Paws father's day gifts turned out better than I could have hoped for! One for each grandfather and a special Aggie football for Bill's office. I cannot wait to see the results from the other prints.

Fatherhood looks pretty amazing on you. Happy Father's Day sweetheart! Baboo!


  1. Being a dad while you are the mom makes it a lot easier. I am blessed to have such a great son and he is blessed to have such a loving mother.

  2. Where did my little guy go? Now he's a dad! Wow! How wonderful! You all are super-duper parents and if Liam pays attention, he will stand on Bill's shoulders as Bill is standing on mine. Can't wait to see that day! Pop.

  3. I'm with Pop...our little guy's not our little guy any more. And now he has his OWN little guy and is a great dad himself. And to think he did all that while Pop and I didn't get any older. Yeah, right! ;-) Another great post!

    P.S. Pop's father's day Liam footprint sure looks great in the green/golf room. Hope he lets it stay here, but it may end up at his office. Thanks for the special gift!