Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 Year Trophy

Ten years ago, on December 27, 2000 he reached out his hand and asked me to be his. Six and a half years ago, on September 17, 2004 he got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. And six years ago on June 25, 2005 I gave him my hand and my heart. I married my very best friend.

Friday, June 24, 2011

92 Candles

Bill and I have a lot of special memories of our actual wedding day, but another wonderful memory was celebrating his grandmother's birthday at our rehearsal dinner. We have had the opportunity to continue that celebration tradition living so close to her. She is such a remarkable woman and I am so blessed to be a part of her incredible family.

Just Like Dad

They are heroes. They kiss your boo boo's and make you feel better. They read you bedtime stories and scare away the boogie man. They protect us. They know just what to do to make you smile. They teach you how to throw a football and never miss a game. They help us with our homework and are proud of all our accomplishments. They are role models. They walk their daughters down the aisle and teach their son's to protect their families. They are dads.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Park Day with Brooks

The very next day after tubes, we met Brooks and Carin at the park for a hot, but fun morning of play. You would never have guessed Liam had gotten surgery the day prior. These boys crack me up!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Down the Tubes

I dreaded those words more than anything... "Liam needs tubes." Everytime a runny nose began, I would cross my fingers tight that maybe this time our ears would drain fully, and this time we would not need a prescription. It seemed like everytime I thought he had an ear infection, he didn't. Everytime I was for sure we would get a good report, we would either have fluid or an infection. We battled Liam's ears for months. And months... And months.

And even though he only had 4 true infections, that pesky fluid just wouldn't drain. So, it was time.

I dreaded everything surrounding tubes. I played the same fears and concerns over and over in my head:
I don't want to have to put my baby under surgery at such a young age
I don't want the stigma behind tubes
I don't want Liam to not be able to swim
I don't want to fool with ear plugs
I don't want to have to watch bathtime
I want my child to be perfect in every way

When I look back on it now, it all seems so silly. So un-educated. Because the truth of it is tubes have come a long way. The truth of it is...
You don't want ear infections to hurt your baby
You don't want to have hearing loss
You want your child to have perfect balance
You want your child to speak clearly, without speech difficulties
You don't want so much medicine to affect liver functions
You WANT your baby to have tubes

Monday, June 20, 2011

Princess Caroline

On June 15th, we were invited to a royal affair in honor of Princess Caroline's 3rd birthday.

Shine Bright Firefly

Things have been incredibly busy for the Robinson family. I hope to be able to finally catch you up...
So, I will start with the difficult one. Maybe I have been so far behind on posts because this one is so hard.

After a six month battle with cancer, Sarah Chidgey Hughes passed on in peace on February 16, 2011. And so on June 11th, I joined my sorority sisters, friends and family to walk in her honor at the first annual One Step 5K.

Congrats and Pool Day

My posts seem to continue to pile up on me so I will work hard to get all caught up this week!

Many moons ago, or so it seems, we had the Petersen's over for a celebration dinner! Ashley and Chris are expecting their second baby and sweet Ella is going to be a big sister. We could not be more excited for them. Ashley is one of the cutest pregnant mommies!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day we did not make any set plans and that is just how I like it! We got to visit with lots of friends and family and even participated in several fun Houston activities.

Ashley seems to introduce me to all activities kid related. I rely on her a lot for the best places to play, eat, etc. Sometimes I wonder what we would do without her expertise. Then I think... well, we would be Ashley! She is such a great mom and surely paved the way for all us moms coming up behind her! She first introduced us to the Children's museum here. Liam wasn't even crawling at the time! Bill and I thought Liam would be the perfect age to try it again and we were right!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monkey Bizness

I wasn't sure what to expect when Ashley asked us to join her and Noah at Monkey Bizness, but when we walked into the room after forking up a mere $5 (for the two of us to play), and saw the ultimate bounce house world, I knew we were in for a really fun morning.