Monday, August 31, 2009

NaCl K9

A friend of ours has a license plate number NaCl K9: "Salty Dog" I thought that it was a perfect title to our Robinson Family vacation in Galveston this past weekend! Talk about a wonderful getaway just an hour away! Bill and I arrived with Tucker and a half mid-afternoon on Friday and immediately hit the beach to stick those toes in the sand! Tucker thought he was in heaven! He went pouncing through the sand and headed straight into the waves... we also impressed some of the seagulls with our high pitched squeeling and barking! His favorite game was to chase Major who was chasing the ball! The little man is going to sleep for days!

By day 2 the mosquitoes rallied the troups as "fresh meat" had moved into the house down the beach! 1...2...3... run down the stairs waving your arms and zig zagging down to the sand like a moving target from the millions of mini vampires! I am sure the neighbors thought we had lost our minds! Later, we headed down to the strand only stopping once so the pregnant lady could satisfy her snowcone craving! Thank you honey! You did not think that the Ike water line was that high until you stood under it! I cannot believe that it has almost been a year.

There is just something about long walks on the beach and reading by the water. We truly had a wonderfully, relaxing weekend! Thank you Ellen and Bruce!
Robinson Family Photo!

The dogs had such a blast!
@ Gaidos for a wonderful dinner

Last day on the beach!


  1. Pregos get more mosquitos because we literally have more blood in our bodies. Isn't that gross? I remember when I was pregnant with Abby, I stayed inside on the 4th of July. It was bad!!

  2. and the worst part is that we cannot use off with deet! They took enough blood for the both of us and then some! haha!

  3. LOL at the mosquito swatting fest! LOVE the photo of you guys holding hands. What a shot! Glad you had a good time.