Monday, August 10, 2009

A Packed, Low-Key Weekend!

This weekend was pretty packed for a low-key weekend! Saturday I met up with Alisa and a few of her other bridesmaids to try on dresses and check out Houston venues for the wedding shower! We had a really good time catching up. Unfortunately, Bill had to work all Saturday afternoon. Hopefully that will mean that he will not have late nights this week... yuck! We also made it to see the latest Harry Potter movie, which was the weakest of the three, but still pretty cute. We cannot wait until we can take our little one to see all the kids movies that we love without looking funny as the only grown-ups without kiddos in the theater! Sunday church was really wonderful as we ran into our dear neighbors, the Woods, and well as both Petersen families, the Kerr family, and the Smiths! I love Sundays like those! Bill and I also hit up Costco to check out the goods and get prepared for diapers and formula! They have waterford china there... who knew? We also went maternity clothes shopping... Nine maternity is my new favorite spot!
Some of Alisa's bridesmaids at Cafe Adobe!

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  1. Hey there! Still loving your blog and hope that I've just learned to comment. You are so creative and it's fun to have a window into what you and Bill are! Thanks for doing this. Will be even more fun when we also have baby pix...amazing! :)