Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're officially Houstonians!

Last week I traveled to Canada for work - not much of a Canadian fan after my experience! Just to let you in on some of the details: the plane ride was hot and bumpy causing nausea, a train track was strategically placed behind my hotel room so as to wake me up every couple of hours in the middle of the night, I was served raw chicken for dinner, there are no m&m's to be found and our flight was delayed due to weather! Did I mention that I was also pregnant for all of this?Thursday, I finally made it back to the good ole USofA and was so ready to be in my own home in my own bed... such a nice thought!
We knew we were officially home owners in Houston when we made the call the the foundation companies for pier bids! Of course Bill and I did our research of about 6 different companies and in true Robinson fashion built spreadsheets to compare them on all levels and costs to come up with the perfect solution for us! A spreadsheet cannot predict stupidity! I drove up to the house to see my stressed husband as he approached the car with that look! You see, if you lift a house 4 inches and do not allow space for the electrical wires to lift 4 inches, you might rip the wires from your meter box and have to call in an emergency electrician. And if you do that, you might have to have Centerpoint Energy shut off your power and require a permit to have it restored. You may also get into an argument with the manager at Centerpoint and inform them that turning back on power at midnight for a pregnant woman is unacceptable! As a courtesy, Bill tried to warn them, yet again, of the wrath of his wife! Their fault! Atlas is still working their end on why they are not liable for a perfectly avoidable electrical mishap! To add insult to injury the plumber had to be called the next morning as our neighbor kindly pointed out that our AC unit was leaking from the roof! Had Atlas performed the hydrostatic test as indicated in our contract, maybe we would have discovered this instead of our neighbor.... At this point, you just have to laugh I think!

Saturday, we were able to finally enjoy some of our weekend with the Kerr's as Bill scored club level tickets to the Texans versus Saints game! We are still working on referring to the team as "we" and not "they." At least we got the colors right, even if Bill is still seeing stars!


  1. You are SO funny! Yup, after Ike and now foundation funland just a year later you are definitely full-fledged, card-carrying Houstonians!!

  2. At least you finally got to relax after all that drama!