Monday, August 3, 2009

Celebrating Bill's 27th!

Saturday morning, we were able to take Tucker in to get his stitches out just in time for the party! He is doing really well!

Saturday night, we celebrated Bill's 27th birthday a little early with pizza and beer at the house. It was super casual and a lot of fun! Earlier that day I made a double layer of Bill's favorite yellow cake and milk chocolate icing - Good ole Dunkin Hines! It came complete with Ninja Turtle plates! I hope it turned out to be a good birthday as Bill totally deserved it!


  1. Great job on the cake! By his next BD, you be joining the other moms and holding a squirming little guy/gal.

  2. Yeah for homemade cakes :0) You'll be baking with only one arm this time next year - the other holding Robinson Junior!