Monday, December 28, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Merry Christmas! This year we celebrated in Houston as I am still on bed rest. It was really wonderful to be with both families! We must have been extra good this year as our home was overflowing with amazing gifts! I was a little sad that we missed Christmas Eve service due to contractions, but so blessed that baby William is still staying put and we were able to be with family. The nursery is almost complete with the new addition on the roman shade that the boys helped hang on Christmas and we are so excited for 2010! We are ready to capture the baby with our new HD video camera and Bill and I are both going to be in style with his new Luchese alligator boots and my new Christian Louboutins and Tory Burch flats! Here's to you and yours this holiday season!

Bill's Big Surprise!
The Robinson Family
All the grandchildren
The Johnson Family
This is what 8 weeks of bedrest will do to you!

So excited to get the Roman Shade up in the nursery

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wedding Band Christmas Party

Thursday night was our Sunday school's first annual Christmas Party at Kacey and Brent Riley's house. The Wedding Band II class has been such a blessing for Bill and I as we settle into our new church home. After what seemed an endless search, we became members at Chapelwood Memorial last May and have truly felt at home! Over the past few months, several young married couples joined together to form our new Sunday school class and we just love everyone! I was still on "bed rest" but my doctor said that attending one event and only going for a few minutes while sitting was okay. This was so exciting for me as I have been confined to the bed/house for the past 7 weeks. Of course I will do whatever necessary to keep our little one secure and safe, but this tiny bed corner I call my home/office/sleep space/Christmas wrapping center/etc. and the TV remote were really beginning to wear on me! The 40 minute outing was awesome and enough to get me through the next weeks! Hopefully we will be able to attend Christmas Eve service as well... but we will take it one day at a time!

For those of you wondering about the bump... we have come a LONG way! There is no missing this bump! 8 months and counting... such a wonderful feeling after entering the hospital at 25 weeks.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Peak into William's World

Last week was a great week for Bill and I! I finished up playing santa from bed and now will hopefully finish wrapping this week. Wednesday, we met with our soon to be pediatrician who we absolutely love! I choose to believe that sometimes we are given little signs that you have made the right choice, little "God winks" if you will! After mentioning to our in-laws that we had chosen a pediatrician, we soon found out that he was actually Maggie's pediatrician when she was a little girl. What are the chances in all of Houston that we choose the same person? On Friday, we got to see our son in 4D! It was one of the most rewarding and amazing moments for Bill and I to be able to have a peak into little William Stone's world. As most of you know, I have been on bed rest going on my 7th week now and to be this far along is just such a blessing. We truly appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers throughout this process. Being able to check in on our little guy took my breath away! He has the cutest chubby cheeks and when he smiles you can actually see little dimples... ahhhh! The ultrasound tech said that she had never seen such an active baby! Thus my contractions i am sure! He spent the ENTIRE 45 minutes putting his long little fingers in his face, kicking the tech equipment, sticking his tongue out, smiling, arching and stretching, etc. We are going to have our hands full when he arrives! BUT the best part? Since he was moving so much we get to do it again next Friday no charge!!! Today, we had our Baby Care class. My doctor allowed me to go just for the class as long as I was sitting! Few contractions, but everything went really well for a first test run! Bill was such a natural at the burrito swaddle - he even got kuddos from the instructor!

Photos of our son! He totally has Bill's nose!

Look at that smile and those dimples!
Enough of the paparazzi shots please!
The shadow on his nose was the movement and my water... it goes away when he looks down!
One of the 10 tongue shots!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Aggie Ring

When I graduated from Texas A&M, I decided not to order my Aggie ring. I had just gotten a wedding ring, and so with all the planning and expenses, I decided that I would not need an Aggie ring - just didn't really think I would wear it to be honest. I come from a Longhorn family, so the Aggie Ring tradition was just not something I knew much about. Then, after living and working in Houston, I realized that I just might need that Aggie ring afterall. My husband and friends have been on me about it for years, and then finally, this year, my sweet husband ordered me one! I will not be dunking this ring as tradition holds seeing as I am pregnant; however, even if I was not I still think my choice of dunking would not be in the beer mug, but a champaign glass! Whoop!