Friday, December 18, 2009

Wedding Band Christmas Party

Thursday night was our Sunday school's first annual Christmas Party at Kacey and Brent Riley's house. The Wedding Band II class has been such a blessing for Bill and I as we settle into our new church home. After what seemed an endless search, we became members at Chapelwood Memorial last May and have truly felt at home! Over the past few months, several young married couples joined together to form our new Sunday school class and we just love everyone! I was still on "bed rest" but my doctor said that attending one event and only going for a few minutes while sitting was okay. This was so exciting for me as I have been confined to the bed/house for the past 7 weeks. Of course I will do whatever necessary to keep our little one secure and safe, but this tiny bed corner I call my home/office/sleep space/Christmas wrapping center/etc. and the TV remote were really beginning to wear on me! The 40 minute outing was awesome and enough to get me through the next weeks! Hopefully we will be able to attend Christmas Eve service as well... but we will take it one day at a time!

For those of you wondering about the bump... we have come a LONG way! There is no missing this bump! 8 months and counting... such a wonderful feeling after entering the hospital at 25 weeks.


  1. You look great! I am glad you got to get out. We can't wait to meet Baby Robinson!!

  2. Great to catch up with everyone