Friday, December 4, 2009

Aggie Ring

When I graduated from Texas A&M, I decided not to order my Aggie ring. I had just gotten a wedding ring, and so with all the planning and expenses, I decided that I would not need an Aggie ring - just didn't really think I would wear it to be honest. I come from a Longhorn family, so the Aggie Ring tradition was just not something I knew much about. Then, after living and working in Houston, I realized that I just might need that Aggie ring afterall. My husband and friends have been on me about it for years, and then finally, this year, my sweet husband ordered me one! I will not be dunking this ring as tradition holds seeing as I am pregnant; however, even if I was not I still think my choice of dunking would not be in the beer mug, but a champaign glass! Whoop!

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