Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rolling over a milestone...

Sunday, we timed our feedings just perfectly so that we could make it to Sunday school and church. There were several questions posed, many of which I could not have possibly fully grasped before becoming a parent. The lesson began with “have you ever experienced a storm?” I have to admit, my childhood called for pretty clear skies, but over the last several years, I can honestly say that I have experienced some torrential downpours. Right before Bill and I got engaged, he was in a serious skiing accident that nearly took his life. He hit an ice patch after trying to help out a little girl that had fallen and broken her arm and ran into a tree. He broke several ribs, severed his spleen and collapsed a lung. I would call that a pretty big thunderstorm. Quite literally, if you live in Houston, we all weathered the storm of Hurricane Ike. Bill and I had just moved in to our first home and I can remember searching through boxes to find flashlights. Much to my mother’s dismay we decided to ‘hunker down’ and ride out the storm in the dark hallway of our new home with our pug, Tucker nuzzled between us and our battery powered radio giving us live updates. That day called for cloudy skies, lost tree limbs and 13 days without power. When I lost my grandfather (Kenneth Stone) unexpectedly right before Bill and I were to wed, my world was turned upside down. He was a mere 65 and such an amazing and influential man that touched so many lives. I had experienced death before, but never unexpectedly and never to someone that I was so close to. This past year, Bill and I lost 3 grandfathers (Douglas Johnson, Terrell Couch and Jack McFerran) and my grandmother on my dad’s side (Betty Johnson). Each of them hold a special place in our hearts and Bill and I will have truly amazing stories to tell to little Liam about their accomplishments and life stories. I only wish they could have been around to tell them! Our latest storm came when I was put on bed rest for pre-mature labor. And yet, even throughout all of these storms, Bill and I managed to weather them pretty unscathed.

The second question was along the lines of if we believed that God gave us those storms with a purpose. Well, I have given that a lot of thought. I believe that God gave us free will and so with that, we will all encounter storms, but I cannot believe that God does things to hurt us on purpose. I think that God gives us the rainbow after the storm, the sunshine after the rains and the silver lining amongst the dark clouds. It was through Bill’s skiing accident that we realized how powerful our love was for one another and we were able to share that with our families as we all grew closer together. During Hurricane Ike, Bill and I were able to meet all of our new neighbors and their families so as to look out for one another and help each other out. With death, there is also life and we will ensure that their legacies live on. And, Bill and I learned to lean on one another, once more, to protect our new family. I learned that I cannot always be in control and that sometimes you have to let go.



The third question was “have you ever had a moment that you wish you could freeze in your life, where everything seemed to be perfect?” I think many could say the day they got engaged, or the day they were married. For those of you with children, it was the moment that your child was born that probably seemed ‘perfect.’ On May 10th at 6:30PM, I experienced a truly perfect moment. Bill and I strapped Liam in his stroller to go on an evening walk. It was a surprisingly cool evening with a breeze and as we started down the driveway, a mother blue jay was teaching her babies how to fly. As we paused for a moment to watch in awe of these birds, the wind picked up and it was as if Liam was experiencing nature for the first time. His senses were heightened and he began to laugh, and I mean really laugh as the wind carried across his face. We must have sat outside in the driveway for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of complete perfection.



And the final question was “is there anyone in your life that you would do anything for?” And of course my answer includes my family and my amazing husband, but it is through Liam that I understand this question the most as I would do anything for that little boy. I think the moral of the story is that like a mother/father would do anything for their son, so would God do for us. And, no matter the storms in our lives, we also experience those moments of true bliss. It is those experiences that teach us how to stop and take in the laughter that the wind brings.

Tonight I experienced another moment of true happiness. My son rolled over for the first time. My worst fear as a mother is that I will not be the one to experience these milestones through Liam’s eyes. That I might get a phone call from daycare and have to experience his first moments through someone else. But today was amazing… while we laid on a blanket, reading in the nursery, Liam rolled over. He looked up at me with those proud eyes and squealed in excitement… and I, too squealed!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Game Face

Tonight I find myself thankful. Thankful for so many things, but most of all my amazing son. I have been watching Grey's anatomy since it began as a guilty pleasure and last night, as I watched the story unfold of Meredith Grey... I looked over at Liam asleep on his daddy's shoulder and was simply that, thankful. I can remember that first feeling of anticipation while waiting those unbelievably long 60 seconds as the lines revealed themselves... two? wait... are you sure? Two means pregnant right? Two lines mean that our lives are forever changed for the better... two means yes... YES! I remember being overwhelmed with joy and excitement to share the news with my husband that we would be expecting our first born... I always dreamed about the reveal. About how I would cook this wonderful meal and have all these little hints as to what I was about to say, and yet when the time came, none of those things occurred. In fact, at 5:00 in the morning I ran over to my husband, flipped on the light waking him from sleep and asking him to please tell me that there were 2, yes, 2 lines that I was seeing and that I was not still in a groggy sleep and somehow imagining that there were 2 lines instead of one.
I will never forget my husband's face when our doctor spoke those 3 little words, "It's a boy!" or how proudly my husband held his head as we left the office and he announced to the nurse that he had produced a son! So, when Meredith Grey began to miscarry her first born on television last night, I could not help but also be reminded of October 30th, the night we almost lost Liam. I remember being scared, scared as they pumped my veins of liquid fire to control the pre-mature labor contractions. Scared not for my life, but for those tiny little lungs that the steroids were trying to boost just in case the scary thing happened and Liam was brought into this world at a mere 26 weeks. And there, in that hospital room as my husband held my hand and we listened to our son's tiny heartbeat on the monitor we prayed. I have never prayed so hard in my life for someone that I didn't even know yet, but loved so much. Please God, let our little boy be alright as I could not imagine coming home to a nursery without him. A nursery that we had built especially for William Stone Robinson. Trying to be good parents, we decided that singing would soothe the baby and maybe stop the contractions. So at 2 in the morning we began to sing to our son, quickly realizing that the only song we could come up with was "Jesus loves me." With tears streaming down my face I managed to choke out every other word of the song as my husband stroked my hair and 4 nights later we were allowed to go home with strict order of bed rest.

My husband deserves the husband of the year award. He was so strong and such a rock for our family. He did everything from change my bed pans in the hospital to cook me every meal and I mean EVERY MEAL for a solid 12 weeks as I laid in bed helping to keep our son inside my tummy!

On January 22nd, at 37 weeks on the nose... a perfect "full term" baby boy was born at 6lbs, 11oz. I thank God everyday that he is healthy and happy, and he is such a happy baby! I could not imagine our lives without him.
So tonight, again.... I am truly thankful! I am thankful that we can laugh together and that my boys are able to share moments like these: There are times in life that you need to be prepared, you need to have your game face on... It is time to "Get your game face on!" I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rice Cereal = Yuck!

Sunday, May 16th, we introduced Liam to rice cereal. I mixed a little of the cereal with formula and set Liam up in his Bumbo. We love the Bumbo and started laughing like we normally do while sitting in it until the spoon of white, yucky mush entered Liam's mouth. He flared out his nostrils and kind of played with it in his mouth for a little while. He looked at me like "Seriously? Do I have to swallow this?" I don't blame him to be honest! A very bad mommy then let Liam lick her pretzel which he thought was super wonderful! Liam then decided that eating his toes tasted much better than rice cereal! We will try again later! Maybe oatmeal next time!

Jackie is having a GIRL!

Saturday, we hosted a baby shower for our dear friend, Jackie who is due with little Layla Grace in July! Jackie is just glowing and I know ready for motherhood. We had a great time at Alisa's celebrating this new mommy to be and catching up. With all the little boys being born lately, we are so excited to be purchasing ribbons and ruffles! Congrats to the Bankers!

Me, Alisa, Jackie, Ashley & Amelia

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mea!

Our Mea is so wonderful that she spent her 60th birthday caring for Liam. To show her how much we appreciate and love her we cooked up a little birthday surprise! Two of her best Houston girlfriends took her lunch and I bet she thought that was all that we were going to celebrate... wrong! The plan started off with Bill and I checking attire. If Mea had shown up in "Liam watching" gear, the plan was for Bill to pick her up an outfit on his way home... Ellen showed up looking as beautiful as always... check! Then, Bill came to my office and switched cars with me as his grandmother would not be able to get into his Tahoe... check! On my lunch break I ran out to get Crave cupcakes - they are the best and then rushed home after work to setup! Bill asked his mom to stick around until he got home from work to have a glass of wine on her birthday so that we could keep her at the house! So far, so good! Now all I had to do was pick up the toys and make a few appetizers without blowing my cover! I think when the first doorbell rang, she was genuinely surprised! Operation 60th birthday... success! We had a small gathering of family and friends for cupcakes and cocktails. The only thing missing was Pop and Aunt Nolie who unfortunately had to be out of town, but we can do a do over dinner! Happy Birthday to an amazing mom, grandmother and friend! We love you!
Blowing out the candles
With her Mom and Brother!

K3 and W3
She claims she makes babies cry... not this baby!
Me with the birthday girl and Liam
Liam loves to flirt with Nancy! Maybe because she is so fun and pretty!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Laughing with daddy!

We will try again tomorrow, but here is a short clip of Liam laughing with his daddy! I only captured a few seconds of it, although it lasted several minutes. Gotta be faster with getting the camera! It took too long to run into the house!

Baby Birds!

This afternoon we decided to take Liam on a walk. As we walked down our driveway, we got to experience a momma blue jay teaching her babies how to fly. They were so sweet! Their new little family is growing outside, while ours is inside!

Happy Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day could not have been more special. My amazing husband surprised me with David Yurman earrings and then we headed out to a Mother's Day brunch. Bill informed me that he and Liam had discussed it, and I was to have nothing to do with diapers or dishes for the day! I spent the entire day enjoying time with three wonderful boys! (Let's not forget my furry son! wink!)
On such a special day I also have to thank my mother as she is truly an amazing and inspiring woman. Words cannot express how grateful I am to call her my mommy!
My Mother's day would not be complete without thanking my awesome mother-in-law who has been staying with Liam this month and caring for his every need before he starts daycare on June 1st! What a gift for Liam and myself! I am truly blessed to have such an amazing father to my son, all thanks to you! I am proud to call you my MIL!
I am really hoping he keeps those blue eyes, but for now I will enjoy them while they last!Liam has loved all things green since he was born. he stares at his bedding and green gator above his crib. Most recently, he has discovered the golf channel and outside!
One of his favorite games is still the tongue game!
He is such a little ham! Always happy about something! He cracks himself up. I still do not know where those huge dimples came from either! But I love them!!!

He is in love with his daddy!
I just had to post this photo... Bill and I were going to take Liam for his first swim at Bill's grandmother's house since she has a heated pool. Unfortunately, the heater did not cooperate and the pool wasn't filtering. We were all decked out in our Gap swimwear, bucket hat and wubbanub paci... our GiGi has style! haha! Better luck next time!
Saturday, we headed out to Babies-R-Us, as if Liam did not have enough to play with. I know that you are not supposed to use the door bouncer until they are 4 months, but I promise that I never leave his side while he is in it! My arms were going to fall off if I had to hold him in the standing position for as long as he wanted me to! He absolutely loves it! It is a little big for him so we make sure his arms hang off the front, but he pushes off the floor and squeals in excitement. He also likes to gnaw on the seat... yup, I believe we are starting to teethe! Oh Boy! The drooling and fist eating has begun! Bring on the freezer toys!
Until next time...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bumbos and Butts!

So, we tried the Bumbo seat last week because Liam kept pulling himself up to try and be in a seated position. He wants to be a part of everything and see everything! He loved the new seat! He can watch himself in the mirror while mommy puts on her makeup - we are fascinated with ourselves!
I can also only post this next picture while he is young, but I am just such a PROUD mommy! I come from a family of "no butts." I mean, have you seen the movie Coneheads where the alien guy gets out of the shower and he has a flat behind? Yes, that is me. What I would give to actually fill out the bottoms of my favorite jeans. I married a man with the greatest butt if I do say so myself and I have been watching to see what our little Liam has been given... He has a butt!!! I am sure if you compare our baby photos I did not have this much junk in my trunk!
One last little proud parent moment is that Liam is almost rolling completely over from his back to his tummy. He just needs to tuck that shoulder under and we will have a little rolly polly! He already goes from tummy to back from time to time, so it shouldn't be long now! If you give him a little nudge onto his belly he squeals in excitement as he is so proud of himself! I will keep you posted. He is also holding his own bottle! He gets tired in the middle so I have to help, but we love our bottle!