Friday, May 21, 2010

Game Face

Tonight I find myself thankful. Thankful for so many things, but most of all my amazing son. I have been watching Grey's anatomy since it began as a guilty pleasure and last night, as I watched the story unfold of Meredith Grey... I looked over at Liam asleep on his daddy's shoulder and was simply that, thankful. I can remember that first feeling of anticipation while waiting those unbelievably long 60 seconds as the lines revealed themselves... two? wait... are you sure? Two means pregnant right? Two lines mean that our lives are forever changed for the better... two means yes... YES! I remember being overwhelmed with joy and excitement to share the news with my husband that we would be expecting our first born... I always dreamed about the reveal. About how I would cook this wonderful meal and have all these little hints as to what I was about to say, and yet when the time came, none of those things occurred. In fact, at 5:00 in the morning I ran over to my husband, flipped on the light waking him from sleep and asking him to please tell me that there were 2, yes, 2 lines that I was seeing and that I was not still in a groggy sleep and somehow imagining that there were 2 lines instead of one.
I will never forget my husband's face when our doctor spoke those 3 little words, "It's a boy!" or how proudly my husband held his head as we left the office and he announced to the nurse that he had produced a son! So, when Meredith Grey began to miscarry her first born on television last night, I could not help but also be reminded of October 30th, the night we almost lost Liam. I remember being scared, scared as they pumped my veins of liquid fire to control the pre-mature labor contractions. Scared not for my life, but for those tiny little lungs that the steroids were trying to boost just in case the scary thing happened and Liam was brought into this world at a mere 26 weeks. And there, in that hospital room as my husband held my hand and we listened to our son's tiny heartbeat on the monitor we prayed. I have never prayed so hard in my life for someone that I didn't even know yet, but loved so much. Please God, let our little boy be alright as I could not imagine coming home to a nursery without him. A nursery that we had built especially for William Stone Robinson. Trying to be good parents, we decided that singing would soothe the baby and maybe stop the contractions. So at 2 in the morning we began to sing to our son, quickly realizing that the only song we could come up with was "Jesus loves me." With tears streaming down my face I managed to choke out every other word of the song as my husband stroked my hair and 4 nights later we were allowed to go home with strict order of bed rest.

My husband deserves the husband of the year award. He was so strong and such a rock for our family. He did everything from change my bed pans in the hospital to cook me every meal and I mean EVERY MEAL for a solid 12 weeks as I laid in bed helping to keep our son inside my tummy!

On January 22nd, at 37 weeks on the nose... a perfect "full term" baby boy was born at 6lbs, 11oz. I thank God everyday that he is healthy and happy, and he is such a happy baby! I could not imagine our lives without him.
So tonight, again.... I am truly thankful! I am thankful that we can laugh together and that my boys are able to share moments like these: There are times in life that you need to be prepared, you need to have your game face on... It is time to "Get your game face on!" I hope you enjoy!


  1. It's amazing what one scary moment can do to an expecting mama. How thankful we are!

    I can't believe he's almost outgrown that tub already!

  2. We are all thankful indeed. Thankful to have seen how HE kept you three safe and unified and growing during those 12 weeks (and patient? i think so!). Thankful to have him finally here and healthy and oh so happy. Thankful that my bro married such an amazing lady and awesome mommy. Thankful for the times we've already shared as an extended family and for those to come. Love y'all!