Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mea!

Our Mea is so wonderful that she spent her 60th birthday caring for Liam. To show her how much we appreciate and love her we cooked up a little birthday surprise! Two of her best Houston girlfriends took her lunch and I bet she thought that was all that we were going to celebrate... wrong! The plan started off with Bill and I checking attire. If Mea had shown up in "Liam watching" gear, the plan was for Bill to pick her up an outfit on his way home... Ellen showed up looking as beautiful as always... check! Then, Bill came to my office and switched cars with me as his grandmother would not be able to get into his Tahoe... check! On my lunch break I ran out to get Crave cupcakes - they are the best and then rushed home after work to setup! Bill asked his mom to stick around until he got home from work to have a glass of wine on her birthday so that we could keep her at the house! So far, so good! Now all I had to do was pick up the toys and make a few appetizers without blowing my cover! I think when the first doorbell rang, she was genuinely surprised! Operation 60th birthday... success! We had a small gathering of family and friends for cupcakes and cocktails. The only thing missing was Pop and Aunt Nolie who unfortunately had to be out of town, but we can do a do over dinner! Happy Birthday to an amazing mom, grandmother and friend! We love you!
Blowing out the candles
With her Mom and Brother!

K3 and W3
She claims she makes babies cry... not this baby!
Me with the birthday girl and Liam
Liam loves to flirt with Nancy! Maybe because she is so fun and pretty!

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