Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rice Cereal = Yuck!

Sunday, May 16th, we introduced Liam to rice cereal. I mixed a little of the cereal with formula and set Liam up in his Bumbo. We love the Bumbo and started laughing like we normally do while sitting in it until the spoon of white, yucky mush entered Liam's mouth. He flared out his nostrils and kind of played with it in his mouth for a little while. He looked at me like "Seriously? Do I have to swallow this?" I don't blame him to be honest! A very bad mommy then let Liam lick her pretzel which he thought was super wonderful! Liam then decided that eating his toes tasted much better than rice cereal! We will try again later! Maybe oatmeal next time!

1 comment:

  1. I mean seriously...have you tasted that crap? BLECH. It is way better with breastmilk mixed in and not water. Makes it a little sweeter. But for me it's the disgusting consistency. EWWW!