Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day could not have been more special. My amazing husband surprised me with David Yurman earrings and then we headed out to a Mother's Day brunch. Bill informed me that he and Liam had discussed it, and I was to have nothing to do with diapers or dishes for the day! I spent the entire day enjoying time with three wonderful boys! (Let's not forget my furry son! wink!)
On such a special day I also have to thank my mother as she is truly an amazing and inspiring woman. Words cannot express how grateful I am to call her my mommy!
My Mother's day would not be complete without thanking my awesome mother-in-law who has been staying with Liam this month and caring for his every need before he starts daycare on June 1st! What a gift for Liam and myself! I am truly blessed to have such an amazing father to my son, all thanks to you! I am proud to call you my MIL!
I am really hoping he keeps those blue eyes, but for now I will enjoy them while they last!Liam has loved all things green since he was born. he stares at his bedding and green gator above his crib. Most recently, he has discovered the golf channel and outside!
One of his favorite games is still the tongue game!
He is such a little ham! Always happy about something! He cracks himself up. I still do not know where those huge dimples came from either! But I love them!!!

He is in love with his daddy!
I just had to post this photo... Bill and I were going to take Liam for his first swim at Bill's grandmother's house since she has a heated pool. Unfortunately, the heater did not cooperate and the pool wasn't filtering. We were all decked out in our Gap swimwear, bucket hat and wubbanub paci... our GiGi has style! haha! Better luck next time!
Saturday, we headed out to Babies-R-Us, as if Liam did not have enough to play with. I know that you are not supposed to use the door bouncer until they are 4 months, but I promise that I never leave his side while he is in it! My arms were going to fall off if I had to hold him in the standing position for as long as he wanted me to! He absolutely loves it! It is a little big for him so we make sure his arms hang off the front, but he pushes off the floor and squeals in excitement. He also likes to gnaw on the seat... yup, I believe we are starting to teethe! Oh Boy! The drooling and fist eating has begun! Bring on the freezer toys!
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