Sunday, April 29, 2012


An Easter Wink...

Did you miss me? I know, I know... it has been forever since my last post and despite my new year's promise... I have failed miserably! I never thought job and new photography business and new photography blog and toddler and family illness and LIFE would get in the way so much? Okay, so maybe there are a few more things on my plate these days, but no excuse when it comes to documenting the family and I am so far behind, it is going to be hard to catch up... but catch up I will. I thought I would start with a little wink from Easter.

When it comes to creating classroom treats for 2 year olds, you have to get creative. I will be ready when small objects and candy are no longer a concern, wink! Pinterest has been a great tool for me, like the Valentine heart crayons. This next one is a spin off of an idea of a friend's class and I was so excited! Thank you Ashley! I really try and get Liam involved whenever I can. I think it adds a personal touch and even though they may not be perfect, they have character and he is so proud of his work!