Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 Months

I cannot believe that Liam is three months old! He has quite the little personality already. He smiles and laughs at just about everything - he is my happy little baby! When something gets him tickled, he lifts that upper lip like Elvis and gives us a huge, all gums and open mouth belly laugh... his whole body shakes and he shrills with laughter! He has Bill and I laughing all the time. There is not much better to brighten your day! He especially loves to smile and laugh while on his changing table. I think it is because he knows that you are about to take his diaper off. He is such a little flirt as well. We already love the ladies! wink! Here is a photo of Liam on his 3 month birthday in his monogram onesie that his GiGi got him!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Liam's Baptism

Sunday, Liam was baptized at Chapelwood United Methodist Church by Dr. Jim Jackson, whom we just love! It was such a special day and we were so blessed to have our friends and family there! Thank you so much to everyone that came. Liam did a great job - no spit up or screaming during the ceremony. wink! It still feels weird to look up at the screen and see "William Stone Robinson, son of Bill and Kate Robinson." We have a son!!!
Afterwards everyone came over to the house for brunch: mimosas, ham, asparagus, fresh berries, aged cheddar and broccoli quiche, spinach and artichoke quiche and biscuits and honey! AND of course Moeller's petit fors with blue crosses!

I am normally very good about getting the photos that I would like to have to remember special occasions; however when it is raining and you are trying to get brunch on the table and feed a baby and play hostess... the photos somehow don't happen - Welcome to motherhood! Liam will have to re-dress so that I can get a photo with each set of grandparents (so important) and one with his God parents. I have officially lost my mind!

A special thanks to Gran, GiGi and Mea for helping make brunch possible. It was wonderful ladies. Also, thank you so much to my amazing husband and PaPa and Pop as they hung all my curtains to help get ready for the big day! (I secretly used the baptism to get them hung... smile)
Smiling at Mommy! (Great shot GiGi!)
@ the church with Jim Jackson
Family shot
Liam's God Parents: Ben and Ashley Kerr
Liam's best bud: Noah Kerr
Aunt Nolie/God Mother Uncle Steven/God Father and Rachael

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My new Favorite

It is still a little too sensitive to blog about, but I started back to work this week. Leaving my little boy is probably the hardest thing I have had to do. What has kept me smiling throughout the day is my screensavor picture. We took it Easter morning when Liam was laughing with his daddy! Such a happy baby!

Tongue Game

Just a little sneak peak of a Liam laugh!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Liam's 1st Easter

Happy Easter! Liam was too small to hunt eggs, but no one is too small or too big for an Easter basket full of goodies! I had the boys baskets ready Easter morning - pacifiers fit perfectly into Easter eggs! Bill even had an orchid for me to wear, just like my papaw used to have for all his girls. We took Liam to church for the first time as well. He slept through all the loud music, and then he and I joined the wall of bouncing mommies and babies on the back row!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st visit to the Can

This week we are so happy to have our Daddy home! Bill has taken a job with Amegy Bank and gets to stay home with the family before I start back work next Monday. We decided to make a quick trip to Corsicana so that Liam could meet his great-grandmother Billie Love, great-aunt grandmother Mary Lou and great aunt Beth. We also celebrated Bruce's 60th birthday! We had a really good time and even got some shopping in... yes, shopping in the Can - believe it or not Ellen and I found the jackpot when it comes to baby clothes! We even loaded up on Collin Street Bakery goodies!
I love it when the boys are dressed the same!
When I was a little girl, this was my favorite place to be on my PaPaw Stone's lap. Liam quickly learned why as he loved doing the same on Gran's lap. Funny thing? We both found their thumbs to suck on... I guess a Stone thumb is tasty!
This was a special shot as Liam is short for William, named after his father Bill, grandfather Bruce and great-grandfather Bill. Here Liam is with Billie Love! She just loved him - it was so cute to see the two of them!
Our aunt Nolie bought us burberry pants for Christmas and so it seemed fitting to wear them for Bruce's 60th birthday. Here Liam is meeting his great-aunt (Bruce's sister)!