Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love weekends

We work hard during the week so that we can play hard on the weekends! Last weekend was no different. We filled our weekend up full. Full of friendship. Full of laughter. Full of family. Full of fun!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunter's Wife

Growing up, I was not part of a hunting family. It just wasn't something the boys in my family chose to do. Golf was the sport of choice. Needless to say, I am in the process of learning what it means to be a hunter's wife. Anywhere from how to handle the gun, how to load the gun... and recently, how to "appreciate" the meat brought home after the hunt as this is another way a MAN provides for his family. I am not sure a response of "don't put that stuff in my fridge like that" or a squeamish shiver is what Bill was looking for when he returned home from his quail hunt. But... I am working on it. My game experience consisted of dove. The dark, liver-like meat that can only be eaten when hidden by jalapenos and bacon. Not a big fan. And everyone's response to "what does it taste like" is always chicken. Let me be clear. Dove is nothing like chicken. Add that to the requirement of chewing slowly in case you win the BB prize and that is about all the excuse I need to pass on game meals.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AWC Valentine Party

On Saturday, Bill and I attended the AWC Valentine Party! I love my neighborhood and really enjoy all of the women in our women's club. We have become really close and these ladies are amazing mothers, friends, wives, professionals, contributors... the list goes on. These ladies know how to throw one heck of a shindig. They really know how to let their hair down and have some real fun. It was a smaller group this Saturday, but that did not stop anyone from rocking the dance floor! We ate great Mexican food and danced the night away with The Bottom Line Band. There was even a Love and Marriage game and guess who came out on top? You guessed it... The Robinsons! Perfect score baby... Yup, after 5 years of marriage and 10 years together we still got it babe. I love the fact that when asked "If you leave your driveway, take a right... then a left... then another right, your wife will say you are where?" My response was an emphatic BF because even though I am directionally challenged I was so impressed with myself that I truly thought it through and got the answer right. I, however, got the answer wrong. My husband, on the other hand, knew me so well that we matched only because he knew what wrong answer I would come up with. How is that for knowing your significant other. You are awesome baby!
(As the night went on, we got some great party shots... I will spare you those! wink!)

Lil Heart Breaker

This Valentine's Day I wanted to do something fun for all of Liam's school mates. The problem was coming up with an age appropriate treat amongst this chocolate driven holiday. My solution? A personal cd filled with what I like to call "Baby Love Songs." We loaded the lyrics to "You'll be in my Heart," "Hey, I love you," "Your Song," "Everything," "Jesus Loves Me," "A Dream is a Dream Your Heart Makes," and many more Disney classics and appropriate bible school tunes. Add a photo of one little, "Too Cool" kid's hand in the candy hearts and done!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Checkbox for Zoo

This weekend was supposed to be the weekend that I checked off all those boxes on the "To Do" list. The tornado that hit my closet, the playroom that we have yet to clear, the grocery store shopping that needs to be done, the labels that need to be ironed into Liam's new shirts, the mounds of laundry that continues to pile... you get it. The never ending list.

I did not check any of the boxes this weekend. And maybe it is just me avoiding the issue again and procrastinating on things that I really don't want to tackle. But, when asked about family memories I do not want my answer to include "I went to the grocery store." And what really is the harm in a messy closet? I prefer to make memories at the zoo! We took the opportunity to make the most of the incredible weather in Houston and we joined the Kerr family at the zoo.
First stop was the elephants. There was the sweetest little baby and mother.
Then it was off to the new section of the zoo... the African Safari. If you have not been to this part of the zoo, you are missing out. They have done an amazing renovation job. There was a camp site setup.
And bongo drums to bang on!
Liam's favorite were the chimpanzees. He giggles everytime you make the monkey sound "ooh ohh... ahh ahh." I heard that they were all ex-actors and they must have been due to their personalities. Several were carrying around blankets...
One monkey took an interest in Liam and they played and touched hands through the glass much to Liam's delight!
We made a pit stop for lunch with the giraffes. They were close enough to reach out and touch. Magnificent creatures. I wonder if Liam put together my love for giraffes and his nursery with our lunch dates? I was told that you can feed them leaves out of your hand... next time we are for sure doing that!
We saw a few BEVOs and gave them a big Aggie Whoop!
And of course we hit up the cats. The lion was sleeping, but Noah gave out a big roar for the tiger!
And then I caught a sweet daddy memory when Liam squeezed his face and pulled in a kiss.
We dared to enter the Children's petting zoo after feeling like the most incompetent mother in the world last visit. I will have you know goat keeper that I did not let Liam's feet touch, we washed thoroughly and there was not a face plant on the concrete! We made it out without a scratch!
Noah showed Liam how to brush the goat like a pro!
and he even pointed out the turtle for Liam. Noah is going to teach him so many things!
At this point, I know what you are thinking...nap time? Liam took pretty much a 20 minute stroller nap on the way to the Choo Choo - that is it! And you would think both boys would have melted at this point, but they were so happy! Maybe it had to do a little with mom's obsession with cotton candy (and the zoo has some of the best around!)
 The train ride was the perfect end to a perfect day. We love spending time with the Kerr family and it is so much fun to watch Noah call out all the animals. I look forward to many more beautiful zoo days (thanks to the best birthday gift ever from Caroline!) Thanks so much for your amazing friendship and for spending your Valentine's weekend with us. I had a blast! I think the best part was the extra sleep the next morning after wearing the boys completely out... Same time tomorrow?