Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love weekends

We work hard during the week so that we can play hard on the weekends! Last weekend was no different. We filled our weekend up full. Full of friendship. Full of laughter. Full of family. Full of fun!
Friday we invited some friends over to play before gymboree. Even though the playroom isn't complete that did not stop us from clearing the living room floor and filling it full of toys. Liam has some of the cutest friends.
Wyatt took a turn on the motorcycle and man he just took off! Better watch out mom... he might just skip crawling all together!
And would you believe that Meredith is sitting up? Yup!
Liam took a special interest in Miss Meredith. I mean, who could resist? He showed her his light-up toy and flirted a bit!
I love Friday morning mimosas and play dates. I wish every day was a play date kind of day. T-shirt and jeans. No shoes. Tornado of toys. Children's giggles. Long naps because the kiddos are completely worn out. Incredible mommies. And even though I miss the days of plopping Liam on the mat to play without his ability to get up and walk away... I am still in love with the Fridays I have off work! I am still in love with good conversation and sharing the day with friends.

Saturday we were supposed to have dinner at the Petersen's but poor Ashley was bitten by the stomach bug and so change of plans! The Kerr's joined us at the house for pizza and A&M basketball. The little boys ate some serious pizza! Liam pretty much cleared an entire children's pizza by himself. I am still not sure where he put it exactly!
Then the older boys took the younger ones out to the driveway to drive the motor vehicles Liam acquired at his birthday party! I am not sure who had the most fun... the dads or the boys? I know one thing... Ashley and I did enjoy that margarita we were able to enjoy while on break! wink... It was such a great, low key evening. Here's to next weekend!
And for those of you wondering how Bill's hunting trip went? When he arrived at the airport on Monday morning he stood behind a woman who was curious to know if he was carrying a gun. When Bill confirmed, she followed that up with a curiosity of whether he was going hunting to which he replied yes. He was not prepared for her response. "How do you feel about being a MURDERER? You're a MURDERER!" My husband didn't skip a beat "Well, they taste great!" Listen lady... you are in the Houston airport. Really? Every time I think about this I start to laugh as I have this mental picture of my husband and this liberal woman. She picked the wrong Texan to cause I scene I can assure you. The next day, after a pretty successful hunt Bill faced off with a Rattlesnake. Luckily he was wearing his brand new snake boots, which i will admit I was frustrated that we "had" to buy. I am now making an official apology. The "had" to buy was really HAD to buy and I am very grateful! They shot off its head, but you get the picture! Bill returned safe and sound to a sick baby and one tired mommy. I know we are all ready for this weekend!


  1. What do you mean "playroom isn't complete?"

  2. HaHa! We are converting our study into a playroom! We have been invaded!