Monday, March 7, 2011

A Playhouse

Last weekend my parents came in town to visit and now that both their children and grandchild live within a 2 mile radius, all their ducklings were together. It has been wonderful to have Uncle Steven so close and Liam just lights up when he makes a stop after work. He has already taught Liam how to make the vroom sound of a car and it is adorable the way he chases him around the house with an arm barrier in case he falls. He is so protective and an incredible uncle. He even changed his diaper like a pro and helped with the incident involving a bath, poop, and a baby!

GiGi gets us in all kinds of trouble. Like letting us have our first sip of coke.
Liam had a thing for his Pappa this trip. It is a man thing... You wouldn't understand! He wanted to do whatever his Pappa was doing. I snuck a few sweet photos of storytime.
We started off our final morning with a big breakfast at the hotel and then headed off to CostCo to load Steven's new apartment. Dad and I had other modeling plans! We even sold a hat to these two ladies who liked our style!
Next stop was Babies-R-Us to find the perfect little first playhouse complete with a mailbox, phone, toolbox, and stove. Some assembly required.
Liam was just one of the guys.
He was in charge of overseeing the entire project.
It took us the rest of naptime (by us I mean Pappa, Daddy, and Uncle Steven) to complete the house.
But when Liam woke up it was complete! His favorite game is to take the nails out and put them in the mailbox. Then retrieve the nails and put them back in their holes. We could do this for an hour!
We absolutely love spending time with my parents. We almost always run out of time! We promise one of these trips we will not make you hang something, build something, paint something, or decorate something. We miss you already.
Liam had a great time showing off all his new tricks to GiGi and Pappa and making them chase after his 'drunkin' toddle!

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  1. But we LOVE those projects! It's always nice to leave feeling like you've accomplished something! We talk about every sound, move, new antic Liam does all the way home! Love you bunches! xoxo