Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vacation with Shamu

I would like to start out this blog with a thank you to all my blog commenter's. It's been 2 months of comments! Even if most of the thank yous are owed to my mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and precious Kim, I am truly grateful. Because writing to yourself or into this black hole of blogging without feedback can sometimes be scary. What did you think? Agree? Totally off-base? Are you still reading? Am I the only idiot out there that thinks that way? I wonder what you must think about me. About my family. My friends. My photographs. My thoughts are being poured into blog titles and filed away by a date timestamp... lost into the world of blogging. So thank you for reading, the very small few of you and for leaving your thoughts. Thanks mommy, because even though you post anonymously you knew that it meant enough to me to figure out this crazy technology blogging world and post a comment anyway you know how!

And without further adieu... Shamu!

We were all in need of a little vacation, so we loaded up the boys and headed with the Kerr Family to visit my parents in San Antonio. The GiGi and Pappa Resort has huge discounted rates, cocktail hour is on the house, free continental breakfast and little matching pajamas are laid out on your pillow. You have your own concierge to provide directions to all the attractions San Antonio has to offer and will even go along as your personal tour guide if you ask nicely. When we arrived on Friday evening, we headed to the Yacht club for dinner. Our future holds many dinners here. There was a live band, cotton candy, great food, and an enclosed playland complete with sand, playset and full size soccer field with picnic tables.
We turned the little boys loose and Freedom!!! They were running in circles, chasing each other and the soccer ball! It was loads of fun.
When it was time for dinner we enjoyed live music by a local band and a little after dinner dancing!
Even though they were out of cotton candy that night, Noah settled for dip-n-dots. No complaints there!
Saturday morning we woke up early, strapped on our tennis shoes and loaded up the diaper bags with  swimtrunks and snacks for Sea World! Even though Liam had no clue where we were going, I was so excited. It had been years since I visited Sea World. Years since I wanted to be a shamu trainer and go to Galveston to study marine biology. Seriously, what was I thinking? Did you know those whales eat trainers?
I have a new appreciation for my parents and trip planning. It is hard work mapping out show times and park activities. Not to mention lunch! At first Ashley and I looked at each other and wondered "what were we thinking bringing a 1 year old and a 2 year old to Sea World?" It was crowded and the Sea World I once knew had turned into one roller coaster riding amusement park, which neither of our children were old enough to ride. And the lines.... try explaining lines to little ones.

And then Shamu entered the stadium dome water and we looked at each other with huge smiles because Shamu quiets little ones and puts them into a trance.
Shamu creates excitement and these mommies could not be more thrilled to watch them experience the magic that is Shamu! It was just as we had imagined and Noah's reaction to the gigantic splashes of the whales made it all worth it.
Our afternoon just got better from there as we entered the world of Elmo and his Sesame Street friends.
We found the perfect spot for small children where the water pressure was turned down low along with the crowd.
Would you believe our luck that the show started 5 minutes into settling into our spots and we had front row seats in the comfort of our private little waterpark? We planned it all (wink!)
Cookie Monster stopped by our section and that lovable blue monster melted the heart of one two year old.
It took Liam all but a few minutes to discover the beauty of the waterpark. He was running from one squirting spout to the next sticking out his one finger in complete joy!
We fed gators.
 And Liam took a nap through the darkness of the shark cave.
We met some dolphins.
And watched as the flamingos danced in the pond.
Noah joined the big boys and climbed to the top of the castle.
It turned out to be an incredible day full of memories to last a lifetime. We couldn't imagine experiencing it with anyone other than Noah and his amazing parents.
When we returned home, a warm bath gave the boys a second wind and we enjoyed a fondue and nacho dinner prepared by the incredible cook at the resort (you are amazing mommy). And as all good mommies on vacation do, we let them ruin their baths and continue the water show in the pool!
Two baths never hurt anybody and we got ready for bed in matching pajamas and stuffed shamus while Pappa put on a juggling act and GiGi sliced fresh blood oranges.
We had no trouble putting the boys to bed!
 Bye Shamu!


  1. You know, other than wanting to be a biologist, geologist and yes even school one point you wanted to be a writer! Just one of your many talents! I think you can add photographer to your list of accomplishments! You continue to amaze me! I'm so very proud of you and love you more than you will ever know!

  2. Ditto! and Ditto! THANK YOU for letting me share through your blog. What a beautiful and blessed little boy. Gran oxoxoox

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Miss you girls. Love to you!!!

  4. We are sad we missed ya'll Friday night but it looks like ya'll had a blast! We have season passes to Sea World and the Zoo so please come back to visit SA soon! Aiden loves the new sesame street area! Ya'll were brave to go on a Saturday NOT to mention the last Saturday of spring break! ha

  5. More comments? Could my day get any better?
    Mom, not sure about many talents... and you are biased, but thanks!
    Gina, next time for sure we will be doing weekday and we will make sure the Dossers are there!
    Ashley, we had so much fun... you will have to make an SA trip with us! Ella would love it. Lets get together soon. Dinner at our house

  6. Great Great Great Post makes me feel like I am there right now. Ba Boo.


  7. Flamingos have bird legs. Great pics and your nararive makes me feel like I was there. Keep the posts coming. They give us a welcome window into your world.

  8. I will forever love the picture of Liam touching the water spray with that famous pointing finger...too precious! So glad you had such a special time at Sea World. Brings back fun memories! Thanks for sharing it with us. Love the blog!!

  9. Ah I got a shout out on the blog! Whoop!

    Pics are great. Looks like Liam beat Miles at seeing Shamu. It's on our list of things for the summer!