Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Talk with the Animals

We dusted off our boots, dug out the pearl-snap shirts and denim jackets, turned on the country radio station and practiced our Howdy greeting. It's Rodeo time in Houston!

We kicked off our rodeo season by attending Liam's school Rodeo Round-up dinner and auction. BBQ sauce and macaroni and cheese are staples in our house so dinner was a big hit. GiGi picked out the perfect outfit for Liam to wear at the San Antonio rodeo and we were so grateful! My little cowboy was adorable in my un-biased mommy opinion, wink!
We spent much of our evening chasing after the "Duh si" with the pom pom hats. What these poor ducks would say if they could actually talk. "Whoa, whoa... on your left Frank... the little one pulls feathers!"
The llama stayed close to the fence trying to stay as still as possible because "If I am really still and close my eyes maybe these crazy kids won't see me! Who am I kidding... I am the largest one in this place, and this one thinks I am funny!"
The piglets were protected by a small fenced in stall in the back... and the grounds keeper was trying desperately to communicate the rule of not picking up the animals to a group of children all under the age of 5. How is that working out for you?
Liam turned his attention to the baby goat that was just his size and we worked on not pulling his little ears so as to be "sweet," but I have a feeling he was still of the thought that he "wanted his mommy!"
Before leaving we took a turn on the ponies; never mind Liam kept pointing at the spotted one and mooing. Close enough right?
Then it was cowboy Noah's turn. "Hey Ed, are we almost done here? This circling motion is making me so dizzy I could poop!" and they did!
All kidding aside, they boys had a really good time and as always we enjoyed hanging out with the Kerr family.


  1. Out past someone's bedtime? Rodeo time is always fun!