Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ringmastered Two

I remember the day that Noah was born. Bill was mowing outside when I got the call that he had come early and I must have screamed pretty loud because Bill came running to the door to see what all the excitement was about. Excitement quickly turned into panic as I had not put the final touches on the baby hospital box I was gathering for the new arrival. I mean, I thought I still had two weeks and with first children, everyone knows they almost always miss their due dates, right? When we got to the hospital we were introduced to the most amazing little 7lb baby boy.

We have had the pleasure of watching Noah grow every step of the way. Following right behind those little footsteps.
Ashley and Ben have raised an incredible little boy full of life. A little boy that turned 2 last week. Two.
We celebrated at Gymboree, a hotspot for tots. Ashley and Nicole were quite the Ringmasters. They thought of every detail and created magic under the Big Top for Noah's big day.
There was tight-rope walking.
Trapeze artistry.
Parachute tossing.
A musical band.
And plenty of clowning around!
When it was time for the final act, Noah did not disappoint. He blew out his number two candle in style.
Pretty sure he wished for cupcakes!
Or a birthday kiss.
Liam and Brooks faced off in the cake eating contest...
It was the perfect second birthday. Full of laughter, friends, family and fun.
Happy Birthday sweet Noah! We love you.


  1. Love it! I think I'm going to do Ethan's birthday as a circus theme. I just finished reading "Water for Elephants" so now I'm obsessed with them. I'm on the lookout to rent an elephant for a parade around our neighborhood. I'm sure they won't mind. I'll find some clowns to follow behind and scoop up the messes left behind. :-)

  2. Thanks for such a cute post Kate!! I really appreciate you taking pictures!! They turned out awesome, and I will treasure them forever.