Monday, March 7, 2011

Ba Boo

When is the cutoff for counting in months? In any case... we just celebrated month 13 and it was a big one! There was so much to celebrate! We received the best present in the mail from Paige of PLO Photography! Our birthday photos! Thank you again Paige for bottling our precious memories!

Liam is officially an independent walker. Even though he was walking significant distances, it was still to catch the nearest object to keep from falling. There was always an end goal in mind. Now my little drunkin toddler walks with the purpose of independence. He hasn't mastered getting from a seated position to standing without the help of a nearby object, but hey... it still gets the job done!
My favorite Liam moment to date happened this past month. We have a new word in our family that will probably stick with us for the rest of our lives. The word is "Ba Boo" which in Liam language means "I love you!" And if your lucky, he will seal it with a kiss! He is learning quickly how to melt my heart which translates to "whatever you want honey."
Like after a bath when he sticks those feet up in the air to signal a lotion foot rub!
Liam is especially good with his letter sounds B and D. We have added "Ba (ball), Ba Bi (Baby), Da Di (daddy), Baa (what the sheep says), Booo (mooo, what a cow says - I know, what is with the M little man?), Di Di (GiGi), Boop (poop), Duh si (DucK)... and a few others that pop up out of nowhere! He is like a little parrot and will try to say anything once even if his version starts with B or D! I think we are on the verge of the communication stage and I cannot wait. With communication comes more teeth! Yup, working on our molars. Top right is already poking through.
I bought these flash cards on a recommendation of one of my favorite blogger's Kelle Hampton. Liam loves them because he can pick them up and each one has a surface to explore. Here is a little video clip of the baby (after only having the cards a few days). Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to pause the music!

We have always loved the monkey. Maybe it is inherited from our Gran. Or maybe it is because they too like bananas. I think it is because they make such a funny sound, or at least mom does! "Eh Ah Ah Ah!"

We started a little bit of pointing. Like our first trip to the Houston Rodeo when Liam pointed to the cow and mooed!
Still a lover of music Liam pats his head to sing "Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes," pinches his fingers together for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and now waves his hands wildly in the air for "Wheels on the Bus." Capturing this kid on video is next to impossible. I think he has stage fright. He gets completely distracted and would rather play with the video camera than do whatever silly trick mommy would like. Like pointing out the cow, sheep and pig cutouts... he does it perfect until you try to get it on camera. I actually managed to rig the camera out of sight once, but then playback didn't go so well. You can only see half of him... no one said I was videographer!

Liam, you are one incredible 13 month old. "Ba Boo"

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  1. Ba Boo! He changes every day! So incredible! What a great mommie you are! xoxo Gigi