Monday, March 14, 2011

Two By Two

As his name suggests, Noah's second birthday came in twos. After celebrating with all of his smaller friends at Gymboree and a nice long nap, it was time to party with the 'older' friends. Older friends meant fajitas and margaritas. Pulling down the lever to release the frozen green stuff proved to be quite entertaining.

It was a fiesta and everyone was enjoying themselves. It has been way to long since I have seen some of these girls and it was so great to visit and catch up.
The best part about two parties is that you get sung happy birthday more than once.
Who are you kidding? The best part about two parties is two times the cake!
After cake it was time to dig into Noah's birthday loot. He received enough to fill up his entire playroom and then some.
The men tried to figure out the toy of the night...
So that Noah could play with his modern day etch-a-sketch from Aunt Alisa and Uncle Ladd, which he loved.
Our present required some assembly, which I feel sure Bill will be recruited for building as punishment for his wife picking out such a toy! But, who wouldn't want a pirate ship water play table?? It made me happy that Noah asked for it to be opening... See honey... good gift!
Noah was so sweet to Liam the entire night. First he shared his cake and then his shared his birthday gifts. They are so cute at this age.
And momma Ashley better watch out because Noah took a special interest in Emily's brand new baby, Braydon. He wanted to hold him and reached out those arms to give him a gentle hug. Braydon was absolutely adorable. Congrats Emily on such a beautiful baby boy!
Ashley made Noah's second birthday one for the books. She made sure everyone was able to participate in his special day. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives and are amazed everyday at how our boys continue to grow and interact with each other. T-ball here we come!


  1. I want to get Miles that exact table!

  2. Great post for a Great PARTY

  3. Alison & EthanMarch 15, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    I've been eying that table for a while, too!! It looks like so much fun! I also want the mud pie table. I think I'll have more fun with them than Ethan!