Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunter's Wife

Growing up, I was not part of a hunting family. It just wasn't something the boys in my family chose to do. Golf was the sport of choice. Needless to say, I am in the process of learning what it means to be a hunter's wife. Anywhere from how to handle the gun, how to load the gun... and recently, how to "appreciate" the meat brought home after the hunt as this is another way a MAN provides for his family. I am not sure a response of "don't put that stuff in my fridge like that" or a squeamish shiver is what Bill was looking for when he returned home from his quail hunt. But... I am working on it. My game experience consisted of dove. The dark, liver-like meat that can only be eaten when hidden by jalapenos and bacon. Not a big fan. And everyone's response to "what does it taste like" is always chicken. Let me be clear. Dove is nothing like chicken. Add that to the requirement of chewing slowly in case you win the BB prize and that is about all the excuse I need to pass on game meals.

Having never prepared quail, we decided on a recipe from an expert, Tosh Brown. We have known this family forever. They are true hunters! Tosh even has several books out there. So, we set off to the grocery store to do a little gathering complete with sides like asparagus and baked potatoes with all the fixings. We made no promises and invited the Mraz family over to join us.

Bill stuffed, wrapped, basted and grilled up the most beautiful quail meal. I am pretty sure as a hunter's wife the stuff, wrap and baste was my job... but I am married to "Super Husband" and man does he have skills!
Liam loved being outside with the grill, and the beer, and the men. Esp. since dad let him play with the tongs and Danny paid attention while he showed off his driving skills.
When it was time for the big test... I think we passed. It was a delicious success. The boys even knew which birds would not contain any surprises and either Adriane and I really didn't get a BB or we were so busy with the littles we just swallowed them whole. Ha! Ha!
Meredith was the perfect little guest. Liam was already trying to show off for her. When they created Madame Alexander dolls, I think they had babies like Meredith in mind. She is just beautiful. Just like her mommy. Liam loved the bubble lawn mower that Meredith gave him for his birthday! We cannot wait to try it out!
It was a great evening spent with great friends. We hope that the Mraz' enjoyed it as much as we did and they didn't mind being our taste testers. We just love spending time with them and look forward to many more fun evenings.


  1. I can't believe how much Liam has changed!! Definitely planning a trip to see you guys the weekend of 26th! AND WOW, Bill! Very impressive! Tosh and Ellen would be proud! xoxo Darling blog, as usual, Love you Katy Beth!

  2. You totally crack me up KRob...still laughing!!! :-D
    Glad the recipe turned out so well. And good friends make everything even better. Maybe I'll get you your very own copy of "How to Cook His Goose" along with Tosh's beautiful book. Looks like you're going to have plenty of chances to cook those precious little darlin's in the years ahead!
    P.S. Must admit the BB prize still creeps me out, even after almost 40 years!

  3. Thanks for having us. The quail was great and we really enjoyed hanging out. Looking forward to many more fun times ahead!

  4. Ode to the Dove
    What's that I smell a-cookin on the grill?
    Could it be birdie shot by Bill?

    Smells like bacon fryin in the pan.
    My Bill! My Bill! Oh, what a man!

    Time to eat. My taste buds scream...
    "What is this? Some kinda dream?!"

    That ain't no chicken, Kate, my love,
    That, my sweet, is a mourning dove.

    Bon appetite! Pop
    (working on posting skills)