Monday, May 23, 2011

Aggie Grad

Last Friday, Steven drove Liam and I back to Aggieland to celebrate a very special graduate. Bill really wanted to shake the hand of his fellow Aggie and wish him all the best, but he was still recovering so Liam and I represented the Robinson family.

Kenneth represents every value that the Aggie ring symbolizes. If you looked up Excellence in the dictionary you are certain to see his photo. Kenneth seems to excel in every activity he takes on from football, to wrestling, to earning his Eagle scout, and now graduating from one of the top universities. He amazes me with his positive attitude and outlook on life and he is such a joy to be around. He always carries a smile on his face and others gravitate towards Kenneth.
Integrity. If you ask me, this is one of the most important qualities one may possess. My Uncle Kenny along with his father, Ken Stone and Kenneth are all men of integrity. They are men of character, known for their honesty and holding true to their values. This is probably why they are/were all such successful businessmen in addition to being respected by their family and peers.
Leadership. Kenneth is a natural born leader. He might lead you into a lake of snakes or into a forest filled with his creatures, but lead he will. He is inspiring and intelligent which makes it easy for people to follow him. He has been successful in his ability to lead a team during his latest internship in Austin and I am sure we will be seeing him climbing the ranks at his new job as an office engineer in construction management. Say that 5 times fast!
Loyalty. If you were to have a conversation with Kenneth's friends, I feel confident that this would be the quality that stands out the most, because he is as loyal as they come. Once a friend or a part of his family, his genuine care and concern for you is on the top of his priority list. He is not one to gossip or put anyone down. His loyalty stands strong through the good, the bad and the ugly.
Respect. Kenneth demands respect and he earns it. He is well respected in his work life, his family life, amongst friends and throughout his journeys.
And finally Selfless Service. It goes without saying that being awarded the highest honor of Eagle Scout would probably explain this value alone; but Kenneth is always willing to give, whether that be time, effort or both. He is willing to get his hands dirty for a cause and ready to step up wherever he can.

I can only hope that Liam possess several of these outstanding qualities when he grows up. I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing role model in his life to follow in his footsteps.
And so we celebrated with family. All of us so incredibly proud to see such a successful, grown-up man standing before us. Unfortunately, Elizabeth was caught up in finals. She and Bill were surely missed!
Liam couldn't get enough of the backyard of a bachelor pad! It was like heaven... there were dogs to chase and horses to meet.
There was a tank to throw sticks into...
and plenty of land to roam free. Perfect for a football game! Uncle Kenny scooped up Liam and ran through the yard... allowing Liam to finish off the football spike with a "hutch awn" or Touchdown!
And I know someone else was looking down on us that afternoon smiling... because he too, Kenneth, is so very proud of you.
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and good luck in your future endeavors! We will be watching your journey and success! Love you!
Lucky for us, the party wasn't over! GiGi and Pappa decided to come back to Houston with us to go car shopping and play. We met Uncle Steven at the Omni for a breakfast buffet!
And GiGi let us feed all the Koi fish, which Liam couldn't get enough of. He is still pointing at water and saying "dish" or fish.
Not to mention running around my house saying "GiGi" and "Pappa" (no translation needed). We even got told he was talking to his GiGi on his play phone at school. Such a silly boy!
You will be happy to know that our daddy is feeling much better now! We had a wonderful time visiting family and cannot wait to see you all again soon!

And the winner of their very own set of wineVEILs... generated by Random.Org, comment #4! Congratulations "The Kerr Family!" I will get them to you.


  1. Ok, that's what I get for looking at the blog on my lunch time at work...but I get so excited to see your latest blog that I can't help I'm heading to the restroom to save whatever makeup I have left!!!! Baboo!

  2. WHOOP! Missed you guys. Gig Em!

  3. Kate that was just beautiful, it is that type of support that makes families strong. Thank you for all the kind words. We are grateful & happy that you all made the effort for Kenneth's big Grad Day! Whoop! Aunt Patti

  4. Katy Beth, This is beautiful. Thank you for your chronicle of our family. You have a beautiful gift and you share so generously with us. Every generation has a Story Teller and you certainly are ours. You capture the moments! oxoxo

  5. Wonderful tribute to your sweet family, KRob! Kenneth is a fine man with a bright future. Congratulations and Whoop! from a Longhorn... ;)

  6. Super sweet post!

    And the cake is awesome!