Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Piggies and Paws Playdate

For May's playdate, I wanted to come up with something fun and different. When I heard that one of the moms in Liam's class was a Piggies and Paws artist, I knew it would make the perfect get together. Father's Day is just around the corner and Piggies and Paws offers hundreds of options to turn your child's fingers and toes into a masterpiece!

I knew I wanted something 'sporty' special for Father's Day and Alison helped me pick out the perfect combination. I couldn't resist Liam's piggies made into a big, green alligator for our playroom either.
We were dipping fingers and toes into all the colors of the rainbow. Alison had this process down to a science. Not a single drop of paint spilled and not an outfit ruined.
There were little lady bugs, teacups, fairies and butterflies.
As well as pirates, lighthouses, footballs, trains, animals, and baseball cleats.
There were mimosas and bloody Marys for the moms and plenty of breakfast to be eaten.
I pulled out the playmats for the living room and setup our tent system and water table for outdoor fun. The new playroom was a huge hit as well. With all the toys, walkers, jumpers, and cubbies we turned our house into babyland. I am pretty sure we had some worn out littles after having so much fun. At least I know Liam had a big nap!
And I cannot say often enough how truly blessed I am to have this amazing circle of mommies and best friends.
I was so excited that Sara came and brought her new twin boys. Charlie and Max are absolutely adorable. Sara, of course is already back to her beautiful, tiny self and her boys were perfect the entire morning. I even got to hold one (before Liam caught me) to reminisce about how tiny, two month toes are.
Alisa came to play and help be a mommy to one of the twins. At one point I looked up and Alisa had one twin nestled asleep on her chest, her hand on the other lying on the sofa and her eyes on Liam as he sat playing in the floor. Can you say super 'aunt?' She was such a natural at this mom thing. She is going to be a great mom.
And just when you think that living in Houston is a huge city and sometimes overwhelming, you are surprised yet again how small this place can be sometimes. Jen, an incredibly sweet mom to a darling little boy, came with Sara to play with us. When she walked in the door she immediately recognized an old high school friend and turns out she and I were sorority sisters at UT that I had not seen since sophomore year in college. This makes 5 friends graduating from Taylor that I met in 4 completely separate settings. Five friends whom I respect and adore. Who have influenced me in such positive ways and who I am continually grateful for their compassion and unconditional friendship. Maybe I was a mustang in my previous life. wink!
I could not have asked for a better Saturday, filled with friendships young and old, laughter, fun, and Piggies and Paws. A very special thank you to Alison for such a wonderful event. I can hardly wait to see the finished products!


  1. I better not be getting a Liam Ladybug for father's day.

  2. LMAO @ Bill's comment! what a super fun playdate!