Friday, May 6, 2011

All Around the Mulberry Bush...

The Monkey chased the weasel. They Monkey thought 'twas all in fun... Pop goes the weasel!

This weekend can be summed up by monkeys and Pop!
Mea and Pop came for a visit this past weekend and Liam was thrilled to see them. Especially Pop! We are totally into the guys of the family right now. Oh the noises they can create. Zap! Boink! Vrroom! Beep! Crash! Toot! Boys!!
We spent a wonderful evening listening to music and eating outdoors at a favorite local spot. Liam proceeded to clear a bowl of chicken fettuccini alfredo without help or hesitation.
 Check Please!
The next morning we loaded up and took a trip to visit the zoo. It was the perfect day for the zoo and beautiful weather.
Liam wanted to show off all the animals to Mea and Pop.
He went running from one tee pee to the next on the spongy floor and came crashing into the arms of his grandparents. Their love for each other is contagious.
If you haven't experienced the new African Safari of the Houston zoo, it is worth beating a drum about.
Because not only are you able to enjoy your lunch under the necks of the giraffes, you get to feed them theirs. The experience took my breath away. To be that close to such a magnificent animal and watch as their swirl their purple tongues around crisp romaine.

I do not know what it is about this creature that I fell so in love with. So in love that I covered Liam's nursery in them. Maybe it is their long eyelashes and friendly face.
But it is this photo that looks pretty recognizable!
Of course we must stop underneath the statue for a few photo opportunities.
And pose on mommy's favorite on the carousel.
Liam's choice is within the monkey family.
Although the giraffe feels close to home, our favorite is still the monkey which is where we spent most of our afternoon practicing the "ooh ooh ooh ahh ahh!"
And maybe I should have titled this post Monkey Butts. I mean, seriously. Each variety of chimp, orangutan, monkey had an enlarged or multi-colored hiney to show off to the ladies. And if I was a female primate I am not sure I would be half as attracted as curious. I will spare you the shots from the rear!
Then we met the king of the Apes. He sat sucking on a block of ice like a flavored Popsicle, noticed we were watching and begin to pose. Workin it to the right. A full frontal vogue. And a final slouching tiger.
And because Liam isn't spoiled at all he would not have suckered his Mea into buying him the most adorable little zoo keeper onesie and monkey bib. Never!
I am sure that I will work hard to avoid the gift shop at all attractions in the future, but since he is the first born, we did a little shopping. There were tons of stuffed animals and plastic toys, but I came across some beautiful giraffe and monkey books for a discounted price since we were zoo members (thank you Caroline Blair). And one book that wins the prize! On the ride home we mixed a little more monkeys and pop as we read "Monkey's Jumping on the Bed" with a twist. This is the perfect book for little pointers. It is bubble wrap that you can pop over and over for hours of fun! Liam carries it around the house and pop, pop, pops all evening long.

On the morning of the last day of their visit we attempted to fly a kite. Mission failed, but Liam had a wonderful time chasing after the blue tentacles of the tail. He has two speeds, running and crashing.

Swinging at the park and hunting for sticks made the perfect afternoon goodbye as the Robinson III prepared for the school week.

On Sunday, Liam and It took some time out and attended the "Onederland" birthday party for his classmate, Harper. The invitation suggested an attire of turquoise to please her Majesty, the queen of hearts and we were all happy to oblige.
Harper's mom completely outdid herself on this fantastic birthday idea. The servers were dressed in black with heart aprons. There was plenty of food and a cocktail table, which was setup next to an incredible spread of sweets. And the cake... oh the cake was amazing!
Liam especially loved the ball pit and seeing a few familiar friends.
But the special treat was the balloon sculpting clown who brought along her friend Abby.
Abby the monkey that is! Liam wanted to follow her around, even when she went into the ball bit.
But when it came time to snap a photo, and little Abby wanted to hold on to his finger, Liam was no longer a fan of Miss Abby!
The life size, painted cutouts made the party come to life! Liam needed to touch each one. I think I was plucking glitter from his face, hands and hair for the rest of the evening like a monkey mamma myself!
What a better ending to a wonderful weekend than a dip in Grandmother Margaret's pool to wash the glitter away?
Liam watched carefully as Pop showed us how to blow bubbles!
Even a little chilly water couldn't keep this little guy away!

Thank you Mea and Pop for a very special weekend!


  1. Your prose and photos are a family treasure! Thank you for the beautiful documentary. Please feel free to be more aggressive with Photoshop on my wrinkles. Love to the RobinsonIII. Pop.

  2. Great post for a really fun weekend with Mea and Pop. Thanks for documenting our family. Ba Boo.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend...we so appreciate your sharing it with us! Had a great time with the Robinsons III, as always. Liam is changing so fast. You're right...two speeds - run and crash. Seems very familiar to Pop and me who raised his "ready, FIRE!!...oh yeah...aim" Daddy. Like father, like son! ;)
    Your photos and commentary are a joy. Thanks for the wonderful documentary of the Robinson III life. We love it and we love you! Happy Mothers Day to one of the most remarkable young mothers I've ever known. So blessed you are Liam's mommy and a special member of our family! Baboo!!

  4. Loved this!! Liam is growing like a weed and gets more beautiful with every passing day. Thanks Kate for letting us share Liam's happy, happy growing up! It's next best to being there. What an amazing and generous God to bless us so.
    Happy Mother's day to an AWESOME Mom. oxox