Monday, May 16, 2011

Uno Dino-Rita

Wondering what we have been up to? I took a new job as the family pharmacist and have been extremely busy. The line-up included a cough suppressant and amoxicillin for our dog, Tucker's cold (yes, apparently dogs can also catch a cold... who knew?). Phenergan and bacterial antibiotic for the nasty stomach virus my poor husband caught and Augmentin plus drops for Liam's ear infection which has prompted the scheduling for tubes. To say I am stressed about that would be an understatement, but more on that later. I am pretty certain that the pharmacist has not slept a full night since last Saturday and after a pretty awful cinco de mayo and even more horrible week, I am ready to put in my notice and return to my current job.

Please stay with us as I try to catch up on blogging as I have only posted 1 post in May. What is all that about? cause we have certainly been busy!

Saturday, May 7th we celebrated a first birthday of one very special little boy with dinosaurs! I have spoken a lot about the Robbin's family as we are so grateful for their friendship. I can hardly believe that Sam turned one!

Liam started the evening in one outfit, but since mom didn't check to ensure the 18month outfit still fit, we had to do a wardrobe change. There was a little Janet Jackson action between the legs!
I spent weeks searching for the perfect gift for Sam. Of course it had to be dinosaur related. The plush, musical, dinosaur rocker was just the thing and I could not wait for Liam to give it to him.
Sayler set beautiful tables complete with mini dinosaur mariachis in their sombreros and jars full of geodes and fossils to set a prehistoric tone. Whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, there was something on the Mexican buffet for you. There were not one, but 2 dinosaur cakes and the backyard had been transformed into a Jurassic Park complete with plenty of places to jump, crawl, climb and hide! And what fiesta isn't complete without signature "Dino-ritas?"
It was an absolutely amazing evening for an outside birthday. Everyone was having a great time.
We even tried to capture a group shot of the birthday boy and all his friends, which was one hilarious challenge...
When it was time for Sam's first bite of cake, he was cautiously optimistic. Who wouldn't just dig in to a bright yellow polka dot cylinder without taking safety precautions? And taking on this task in a party hat? Please! Sam needed all the focus on the cake.
After a little help from dad... I dare you to take away the cake! And after devouring almost the entire thing, we were all in a giddy sugar high!
Taking the sugar high to the next level, Greg assembled the pinata. All of the children took a turn without success, but not without fun.
When it was the adult's turn, it seemed like the pinata had been fossilized. Greg's mighty body tackle broke threw the core and exploded a volcanic eruption of candy and toys.
Liam found a darling little girl to play with, but was reluctant to share his ball with her. He quickly reconsidered once getting a closer look at her beauty. Good call little man!
We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with our boys. Thank you for including us on such a special event.
Happy first birthday Sam!


  1. Great Pics Sweetheart and Great Party Greg and Sayler!

  2. Puke-man is back! Bill does lots of things well and hurling is one of them. Glad to hear everyone survived to enjoy beer with birthday cake. Really?
    Love to mi familia...Pop.

  3. oh...this was pre-puke! This was the day before Mother's - and no, Liam did NOT have a beer.

  4. What a fun evening with good friends celebrating an adorable little guy! Great photos....some of the cutest kiddo expressions and best action shots yet. You are GOOD, girl! Baboo!