Monday, June 20, 2011

Congrats and Pool Day

My posts seem to continue to pile up on me so I will work hard to get all caught up this week!

Many moons ago, or so it seems, we had the Petersen's over for a celebration dinner! Ashley and Chris are expecting their second baby and sweet Ella is going to be a big sister. We could not be more excited for them. Ashley is one of the cutest pregnant mommies!

We spent the entire evening catching up, barely taking a breath for air in between conversations! I cannot begin to express my appreciation and admiration for this family. Ashley has a gift for advice, probably why she became a counselor and is such a supportive friend. She should probably be charging me for sofa session therapy after all my questions and mommy concerns! I hope she settled for the caramel apple popsicle. Yet another fav we found we had in common. We love you guys and cannot wait for Baby Petersen #2. Congrats!
That next weekend we loaded the new car and headed to "Dida's" to swim! Alisa planned the perfect morning with Ashley, Noah and Amelia. The original plan was to break into Alisa and Ladd's country club lifestyle, but plans changed when the swim meet took over the pool. Not to worry, as Alisa was ready with Plan B. I have to admit that Plan B was pretty close to Perfection. We spent the morning at her mother-in-law's backyard private resort.
Alisa and Amelia planned all the games including a hand-stand contest and water race!
The pool was complete with a wrap around ledge, perfect for little toes to walk on and plenty of fountains to play under! It took Liam a little bit to adjust after sleeping in the car the whole way, but he had a ball with Noah, "Ah wee," and "Dida." Amelia is a little harder to say, but we will get it! He was also thrilled to meet the little Maltese!
It won't be long before Noah is teaching him all his water tricks. Noah is quite the little fish, not afraid of the water at all or jumping off the spa ledge into the big pool to Amelia and Alisa either! What a champ!
We topped off the day with a girl's movie night at Studio Movie Grill to see Bridesmaids, which was hilarious, and a night cap with Ashley and M'Lee at the Tasting Room. Thanks Alisa for planning such a fun day!

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  1. Ellen A. RobinsonJune 21, 2011 at 3:06 PM may be behind on posts, but I'm even MORE behind on comments! What a fun post this is. Congrats to the Petersons!! She IS a darling mommy. Also love the pics of the pool party, especially the one with Liam studying Noah and then Noah's strong arm pose. What fun it's going to be to watch these two little guys grow up together. Happy times!