Thursday, June 30, 2011

While You Were Away...

Mea and Pop spoiled me rotten!

Before Bill and I left for our anniversary gettaway, we built dueling slides as if the house and water table and race car and picnic table and motorcycle and little tykes car weren't enough outdoor activity!
We tested my new SUVs ability to haul baby equipment and it passed with flying colors! However, I am not sure the test on daddy's patience as to which outdoor activity to buy passed. And how many adults does it take to assemble children's plastic slides? Enough to make you giggle a little bit!
But even after an exchange trip due to mommy mind changes, hours of sweat in the heat of the day, and a crumbled wad of instructions destined for frustration, we came together as a team and completed the project in the name of happiness for one little boy.
After seeing Liam climb the structure and slide down each of the slides
After watching Liam steer the ship and seeing the light in his eyes, it was all worth it.
 It was the perfect decision.
It is always a wonderful feeling to be able to take a vacation and simply relax and enjoy. Because you know that your child is in the best hands!
Because you know he is having loads of fun from making cardboard forts to pulling out all the toys.
 Because you know he is being cared for and spoiled absolutely rotten...

By those that love him! Thank you Mea and Pop!
and don't worry, your efforts have been washed from the pavement! wink! Love you both!


  1. I wanted to get him a UT tatoo, but Mea stopped me! Bill may powerwash the chalk, but I WILL BE BACK! Hook'em. Pop

  2. Grandparents are so fun!

    LOL @ Pop's comment!

  3. Thank you for watching him. But remember I am with him every day. Thanks a Gig Em!

    Proudest Member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2005!

  4. Had a blast with our favorite little guy! You can count on us to spoil him any time you want a break, but gotta watch that Pop...have sidewalk chalk will try to brainwash. :)
    XOXO Mea